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Long haircuts that rejuvenate and look stylish in your 40s or older

An old fashion belief that was forever shattered is that women after age 40 could no longer wear long haircuts Well, they looked older. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, JLo, Thalía, Lucero and Sofía Vergara show us that this has changed.

Style is a matter of taste, so if you love lengths where volume and vitality take all the attention, you can proudly wear your hair as a hallmark.

Long haircuts for women in their 40s

A great advantage of opting for these options is that they rejuvenate because long hair is historically related to fertility, abundance and youth, so they are a great success wherever you look at it.

According to Telva, actually this matter of haircuts does not depend so much on age but on features, So the faces “square or oval with a long and smooth mane will go wonderfully, on the other hand, in elongated ones it is better to flee from the part in the middle and bet on the curls”.

Long layers

Among the most successful highlights Sarah Jessica Parker, who bet on long layers so that your hair also has volume, dynamism and looks healthier.

It is a more stylized way to wear an XL mane, In addition, it plays with another detail to imitate: lights around the contour of the face to have a fresher and more modern look.

With bangs

One of Sofía Vergara’s styles that received the most praise was when the actress decided to incorporate a slightly fringed and open fringe, according to the same source.

As a result, He managed to rejuvenate himself almost instantly so they are never a bad idea.

Graduated haircuts

Finally, you can also consider the look of Gwyneth Paltrow, who has had throughout her career a love for the length very paraded in the front to better frame her face and with a parting in the middle.

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