London’s 1100 Corona Incidence: Johnson Prepares Britons For New Hardships

London’s corona incidence at 1100
Johnson prepares the British for new hardships

Infection dynamics in the UK are alarming because of the more contagious variant of the virus. In parts of the capital, the 7-day incidence rises to 1,100. Prime Minister Johnson announces further tough measures. Meanwhile, surveys show that his reputation in Corona politics is in the basement.

In view of the serious corona situation in England, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson indicated tougher measures in a television interview. “There may be things that we have to do in the next few weeks that will be harder,” he said on the BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show”. Currently, the country has a multi-level control system depending on the infection situation, with most of the country already living under strict restrictions.

The UK saw a record number of more than 57,000 new infections on Saturday, with hospitals in London and the south of England in particular reaching their limits. The new and probably much more contagious coronavirus variant is causing the number of cases to skyrocket, in parts of London the key figure for new infections in the past seven days is more than 1100.

Schools in London will initially remain closed across the board even after the end of the Christmas holidays. The British government was forced to make this decision due to the high number of infections. In other parts of the country, elementary schools should reopen on Monday. Secondary schools are to follow in the following weeks – sometimes with the use of mass tests. “Schools are safe,” said Johnson several times in a television interview. Education is a top priority of his government.

“Virus out of control”

Opposition leader Keir Starmer asked the premier via Twitter to impose a tougher nationwide lockdown. “He must impose national restrictions in the next 24 hours,” wrote Starmer. The virus is “out of control” and there is no time to lose. According to a poll by the polling institute Focaldata, reported by the Sunday Times, there is great dissatisfaction with the policies of the British government.

The conservative Tories, headed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as party leader, would lose 81 seats in parliament in a general election – Johnson currently has a majority of 80 seats there. More than 22,000 British people were asked to give their opinion in December. During this period there was still a threat of Great Britain leaving the EU without a trade pact, and planned Corona easing over the Christmas period for millions of people was canceled.

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