London: Hundreds of women visit memorial site for women killed – even Duchess Kate

Hundreds of people in London remembered the allegedly murdered Sarah E. In a park in the south of the city, people gathered despite warnings of legal consequences. Even Duchess Kate visited the improvised memorial site at a bandstand, as can be seen in photos. According to media reports, the wife of the future British heir to the throne William laid down daffodils.

The “Reclaim These Streets” initiative initially called for a vigil in London to remember Sarah E. and denounce everyday harassment and violence against women. However, after unsuccessful discussions with the police about carrying out the corona measures, the vigil was canceled again.

“We were told that each of the organizers risks a fine of 10,000 pounds if the preparations continue,” said a message from “Reclaim These Streets”. As a result, the organizers received numerous donations, despite the cancellation of the vigil, more than 380,000 pounds (around 442,000 euros) were collected by Saturday evening.

Because people still gathered, the police tried to break up the gathering, sometimes with violence, as could be seen on videos on social networks.

Police officer suspected

Sarah E.’s body was found in a wooded area in Kent on Friday. The 33-year-old was last seen on March 3rd near Clapham Common when she was walking home from a friend in the dark. A 48-year-old police officer who was brought before the judge on Saturday is suspected of having committed a crime. He must remain in custody.

The case had sparked a nationwide outcry against harassment and violence against women. A post on Instagram went viral pointing out the dangers for women on the way home. It also showed a text message saying “Write to me when you’re home,” a standard message between women because you don’t feel safe as it’s called.

The contribution ends with the request to stop harassing women, stop exposing them to so-called victim blaming and not burden them with the actions of men. “A woman should be allowed to go home.” By Saturday evening, around 2.5 million users had liked the post.

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