It’s no secret that 57-year-old Lolita Milyavskaya is not shy about expressing her own opinion. It was with this that she began the program, the guests of which were Konstantin Ivlev and Valeria Kudenkova. The artist spiked the haters, who now and then pep the spouses with insults, and then stated that she supported the choice of the chef, because the main thing in life is to follow the call of your heart. “I approve of his behavior – there is nothing to live with someone you don’t love,” said Lolita.

Ivlev himself once again admitted that he does not regret the divorce. For him, the relationship with Kudenkova became a help for new achievements and successes. “I cherish love for a woman, love for life, love for myself. Leroy and I have a very good bond, relationship and sexual history. Cool, so we are on the right track, ”he said.

When it came to infidelity, the 47-year-old chef noted that he could afford this only when he realized that it was no longer possible to save the marriage. Nevertheless, with his second wife, he plans to spend the rest of his life in family harmony. “I’m not going to marry again,” Konstantin assured.

Recall that in February, the couple played a wedding. After the ceremony, the lovers left for Valeria’s homeland, where they arranged a magnificent celebration and a wedding ceremony. “I love you and I want to always be with you! I want you to be the only one about which Basta sings: “Find your one and only.” I want you to be the person who would support me in everything, become a real friend, brother, comrade for me, and then all the epithets that can be applied to a beautiful girl … ”- Ivlev never stopped admitting his feelings.

By the way, this marriage was the first for Kudenkova, while Konstantin was already married earlier. The chef has lived with a woman named Maria for over 20 years. From this relationship, Ivlev has two heirs: 20-year-old son Matvey and seven-year-old daughter Marusya.

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