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The famous pubs in Great Britain have been a year to forget. But that could soon be over: The government’s open perspective ensures that.

No more lockdown frustration: Several weeks before the planned opening of outdoor restaurants in England, numerous pubs are already reporting: fully booked!

Many restaurants and pub chains announced that their tables outside had already been reserved for weeks. “The demand has exploded,” said the head of the City Pub Group, Clive Watson, according to the PA news agency.

According to the current plan of the British government, restaurants and bars in England are allowed to open their outdoor areas from April 12th, and visits to closed rooms are again allowed from May 17th. All Corona restrictions are to be lifted on June 21 at the earliest.

There are already numerous bookings for May and even inquiries for larger events in June, said Watson. “But we mustn’t pretend we’re out of the mess,” said the manager. “Many people are still reluctant to make reservations, and special caution is required for larger events such as weddings.”

The Fuller’s pub chain also reported great demand.

The industry association UK Hospitality confirmed the impression. “It is not surprising that after the terrible year that we had, people are eager to get in touch with friends and family again,” said association chief Kate Nicholls. Many restaurants would take a deposit for bookings, she announced. This is supposed to minimize the risk that no turnover will be made in the event of no-show.

The catering industry can look back on a devastating year due to the corona pandemic.

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) estimates the loss in sales at 2.1 billion pints (0.568 liters) of beer. “Our industry was destroyed by Covid-19 and the lockdowns,” said BBPA boss Emma McClarkin. “It was a year to forget for British pubs.”

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