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Locating and assigning – Pentagon founds new UFO working group

Unknown objects in flight, mysterious sightings, inexplicable phenomena. There have been abnormal encounters around the world for years – but are these encounters also extraterrestrial? Among other things, a new working group is now to investigate this question to investigate UFO sightings.

Washington – On Tuesday evening (local time) the Pentagon announced the establishment of the synchronization group to identify and deal with flying objects – AOIMSG for short. The panel is to bundle efforts in the Ministry of Defense and other ministries and government agencies to “locate, identify and assign” unknown objects in flight, the Pentagon announced.

In addition, possible “risks to flight safety and national security” should be assessed and addressed.

The working group replaces a task force based in the US Navy, which had previously dealt with the sighting of unknown objects in flight. The new body is located at the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security.

But while it seems as if the US authorities are opening up to the theory that they will not be alone in the universe, behind this is less the belief that behind unknown objects in flight – in Pentagon jargon unidentified airspace phenomena (UAP) – you will encounter green Martians, but sheer calculation. Rather, they are investigating the question of whether the US is possibly dealing with new armaments technology from rivals such as Russia and China.

It was only in June that the US secret services published a highly anticipated report on UFO sightings by the military – leaving many questions unanswered. Accordingly, with only one exception, there was no explanation for any of the unknown objects in flight. There were no indications of possible extraterrestrial life in the report: the nine-page report left the subject out.

In the final paper, 144 reports by the military on sightings between 2004 and 2021 were evaluated. According to the report, a flying object was probably a large, deflating balloon. “The other (objects) remain unexplained,” the report said.

Previously, videos released by the Pentagon last year of three objects in flight that had been classified as “unidentified” had fueled speculation that US intelligence agencies might have information about intelligent extraterrestrial life.

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