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Llane takes up the challenge and eats from "poison" spicy by J Balvin … this was his reaction

Colombian singer and songwriter Juan David Castaño Montoya, better known as Llane, underwent a tortuous gastronomic challenge. Through your account Instagram He shared with his followers the heavy, but funny joke that J Balvin played on him.

“The poison of J Balvin”, wrote the singer-songwriter in the video that has already reached more than 520,000 views. Although Llane took on the challenge on her own, in the end she regretted consuming that disgusting dressing that brought tears to her eyes.

J Balvin’s joke that left Llane bad

In the clip you can see that the singers were at lunchtime. Llane had already half his hamburger when the interpreter of Yellow with the vial of “poison” and offered.

For his part, the former member of Floor 21 He agreed to let me add the powerful spice to his burger. At the moment, he thinks he wasn’t that strong so he quietly consumes him.

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However, a few seconds later you start to feel uneasy about the intense taste you feel in your mouth. “The more time goes by, he becomes more powerful,” he desperately assured.

“My lips are hot,” she added as she tried to rinse her mouth. He also asked J Balvin what to do but he was laughing out loud to see him like this.

At that moment, a female voice was heard advising him to drink milk to alleviate the terrible taste he was feeling. He took the advice and felt better.

“I ca … the omelet lunch,” said Llane while Balvin reminded him: “You said you put him in.” For its part, the post was filled with a lot of laughing comments with the joke they played on the singer.

Other followers also left messages such as: “Beautiful. Together you are a bomb ”,“ spicing up life ”,“ And so you stop trusting your friends ”,“ try a Mexican, and you will need salsa to finish your meal ”and“ what a joke more heavy”.

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