Live: coronavirus situation in Mexico, December 28

The federal Ministry of Health (SSa) updated, in a press conference held at 7:00 p.m. in the Treasury Room of the National Palace, the data of the coronavirus in Mexico; do not miss the minute by minute that bring for you.

Minute by minute

19:55 Given the possibility that a new variant of coronavirus enter Mexico, Ruy López Ridaura cut short by saying that the In works every day to identify mutations. He recalled that experts suggest no close borders as a measure to prevent the entry of other variants, such as those discovered in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

19:50 It is crucial, said Ruy López Ridaura, that the people of Mexico who suspect they are infected with coronavirus Due to the presence of symptoms, attend the doctor as soon as possible, because timely attention saves lives. He stated that people over 60 years of age and with comorbidities should consider medical service as an urgent priority.

19:44 Under the current levels of hospital occupancy by coronavirus, the health authorities of Mexico remind citizens that the information services of Locatel and the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center of the CDMX (C5) offer data on the availability of beds in hospitals.

19:40 Each of the medical units in the country report to the federation the new cases of coronavirus in Mexico, while the health authorities expand hospital availability with the support of other groups and even business bodies; expects strategy efforts to be reflected in immediate weeks.

19:36 Until 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 28, 2020, in Mexico there is a total of nine thousand 579 people vaccinated against coronavirus with the help of the antidote developed by the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer in partnership with the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech.

19:31 Prioritizing the vaccine against coronavirus in health professionals it is clear and has little level of controversy, said Ruy López Ridaura, so the Government of Mexico and the citizens must recognize this work, and the latter must commit to heed the indications to avoid getting the disease.

  • In the city of Mexico there is a general bed occupancy of 87%.
  • It is followed by the State of Mexico, with 80% occupation of general beds.
  • Meanwhile, the capital has 84% ​​occupancy of beds with a fan.

19:25 So that fighting coronavirus triumph in Mexico, added Ruy López Ridaura, the citizen mobility. He highlighted the significant decrease that occurred during the National Healthy Distance Day. Indexes of the Metro, Metrobús, Trolleybus, among other means of transport are analyzed.

19:20 However, he warned that Mexico registers a 3% increase in deaths associated with coronavirus. He detailed that the City of Mexico and the State of Mexico they have high rates of hospital occupancy. The specialist admitted that “yes there are saturated hospital units”, but there is also the possibility of finding services by calling the Locatel.

19:16 He explained that, in Mexico, the week is opening with a 13% decrease in cases of coronavirus, so it is possible to enter a new plateau (stagnation). Once again, he called on citizens to continue applying biosecurity measures: hand washing, use of face masks, social distancing and quarantine.

Healthy distance, use of mask and quarantine, measures to combat the coronavirus in Mexico. Photo: Cuartoscuro.

19:11 Ruy López Ridaura reiterated that if a person had contact with another person who tested positive for a reactive test to detect coronavirus, and if the first shows symptoms of the disease, it is not necessary to undergo another test in Mexico, since it is a positive case due to epidemiological association.

19:08 Later, he presented the daily technical report from In on coronavirus in Mexico:

  • Deaths: 122 thousand 855.
  • Accumulated negative cases: 1 million 746 thousand 564.
  • Accumulated confirmed cases: 1 million 389 thousand 430.
  • Suspicious cases with possibilities of results: 30,085.
  • Suspicious cases with no possibility of results: 144 thousand 610.

19:04 The specialist recalled that the epidemiological traffic light by coronavirus in Mexico it is valid for two weeks; announced that next Friday, January 1, 2021, the epidemiological traffic light which will enter into operation from Monday, January 4.

19:01 Ruy López Ridaura, general director of the National Center for Preventive Programs and Disease Control (Cenaprece), welcomed the SSa press conference on coronavirus in Mexico, this Monday, December 28.

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