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Lisandro Rosales on Norma Torres: ‘Manage a leftist agenda’

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Lisandro Rosales placeholder image, head of the Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs, declared this Monday regarding the allegations of corruption in countries of the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) spoken by the United States Congresswoman of Guatemalan origin Norma Torres.

“Many times he misses the truth (Norma Torres),” Rosales told HRN’s Diario Matutitno newscast. “Be happy to criticize; we work closely with the Biden administration,” he adds.

For Rosales, Torres, congressman for the district 35 de California,”drive a politics of the left and a wrong speech“Torres announced in the last hours that a list will circulate this week with names of officials in the region for acts of corruption and that the United States will not finance states that are involved in fraudulent acts.

“You have to see the context: there is 438 US congressmen. She is one more. It has some particular interests in its left-wing agenda that has wanted to impose its criteria in the Northern Triangle, “he said. Rosales.

For its part, Torres, on his official website, he wrote yesterday: “I do not care who (the list) implies, I care that we hold those people responsible and that we help defend democracy, justice, human rights and the rule of law in Central America“.

Nayib Bukele, Salvadoran president, contended, through Twitter, with the Californian congresswoman. Torres questioned the Government of El Salvador due to the migratory crisis in the border area between Mexico and the United States, to which President Bukele responded by questioning said assertions and even urged Hispanic voters not to vote for Torres.


The Honduran Foreign Minister, in that sense, indicated that they have not met, until now, with senior officials of USA. “We have a meeting scheduled to discuss the issue of migration,” he said.

The Joe Biden administration, which came to power in 2021, promised flexible measures regarding immigration policy, contrary to the predecessor Donald Trump, which advanced head-on in the fight to deport millions of Latin Americans living in the United States. However, the numbers of deportations in recent months are far, according to experts, from the promise of the Democratic administration.


The Honduran official stressed that they met in recent days with Ricardo Zúniga, of Honduran origin, and Roberta Jacobson, delegated by Biden to deal with the Central American issue, especially on migration issues.

“We will address different perspectives. We are at work tables and with some very advanced agenda items. We have specific projects and issues on migration and bilateral relations, as well as the reconstruction of the country after storms Eta and Iota,” he described Rosales.

To close, the chancellor pointed out that they have not yet scheduled meetings or encounters with Kamala Harris, vice president of USA. “We hope you visit immigration detention centers on the road between the United States and Mexico.” Ggovernment of Honduras The first face-to-face communication with the Biden administration has not yet closed, which could be crucial in defining the future of bilateral relations between the two nations.

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