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Lipsticks: the most elegant and modern shades for women of 40

Lipsticks are very important when applying makeup, as they define your style and look and will allow you to look younger and more elegant.

If you want to show off perfect lips in your 40s and look seductive and classy, ​​there are some lipstick shades that you should wear.

These shades are modern and in trend this 2021 for women 40 and over, so you should try them without hesitation.

Elegant and modern lipsticks for women of 40

Warm pink

This tone is delicate, discreet, feminine and very sophisticated, perfect to complement your makeup and outfit at 40.

It is a tone that combines with any outfit you wear, and the best thing is that you should not wear heavy and heavy makeup, the lipstick will do all the work and give you the perfect effect.


The vermilion tone is an orange-red color, of intense saturation, that will not only help you to enhance your elegance at 40, but also your sensuality.

It is a modern lipstick that will make you stand out wherever you go and steal all eyes, and the best way to wear it is with red or black outfits.


The nude tone does not go out of style, and wearing it on the lips is perfect to look sophisticated and classy at 40.

You can wear it with any makeup style and you will look like a real model, and the best thing is that it will match the outfit you want to wear.

Burned red

Burnt red resembles a red wine, and is ideal to dazzle wherever you go and look more elegant than ever in your 40s or older.

This tone achieves three effects, and it is that it makes you look modern, sexy and sophisticated, and without a doubt you will be the envy wherever you go.

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