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Lionel Messi was saved from a fracture; Trigueros went for his ankle

A tricky entry by Tringueros to Messi’s leg that could have been serious; however, Lionel was able to continue playing

Lionel Messi was saved from injury in Barcelona’s win against Villarreal when Manuel Trigueros forgot the ball and with the studs in front he hit the Argentine’s shin, who was left lying on the pitch and needed medical assistance.

In spite of everything, the South American, captain of the Catalans, was able to join again to end the game and witness how his team obtained the three points to be in third place in the general table with 71 points, the same amount of Real Madrid, which is second with the same units.

Due to the force and treachery of the entrance, Trigueros was sent off, since the referee considered that the local player’s sweep was excessively strong and put the integrity of the Argentine at risk.

Messi commanded, along with Antoine Griezmann, Barca’s comeback against Villarreal as visitors, and the Frenchman made the double with which they sealed the three units to put pressure on Atlético de Madrid, who is the leader of the competition with 73 points.

The game, for the most part, was controlled by Barcelona, ​​who managed the times and counterattacks at will. In addition, it was with high pressure that he complicated Villarreal, who needed victory to complicate Real Betis and Real Sociedad in their attempt to sneak into fifth place in the general table to aspire to the UEFA Europa League.

With the three points, the fight for LaLiga took more relevance than ever and promises a vibrant closing, where Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona they fight for the title in Spain.

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