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Linux Lite 5.4, Tails, Ubuntu, Fedora Linux, Linux Mint, Proton…


We finished a week in which we have had a few releases, from Debian 10.9 to Manjaro 21, Deepin 20.2, MX Linux 19.4, systemd 248 or GIMP 2.10.24; but there was still more and that’s what the PING, which we also take the opportunity to pick up some other thing that deserves it from the last couple of weeks, just in case it had escaped you too.

  • Linux Lite 5.4. We start with more releases with the new stable version of Linux Lite 5, which comes with a lot of news that is summarized in the official announcement.
  • Tails 4.17. The new version of the ‘live incognito system’ dates from a little earlier, which, as you know, is crucial to keep updated. So to download the new ISO, it has been said.
  • Ubuntu 21.04 Beta. Much more palatable is the new Ubuntu, although for now it is only available in beta form … to go testing, go. In the official launch announcement you have all the information about Ubuntu and the family, the final version of which will arrive in the coming weeks.
  • Fedora Linux 34 Beta. And the same could be said of the Fedora beta, which arrived a little earlier although it will surely come out a little later, as we already told you, with a new name to distinguish it from the project itself. In Fedora Magazine they put you up to date with their main news.
  • Linux Mint. Continuing with the distributions, but only for information, a few days ago the Linux Mint monthly newsletter was published, where some news that you will want to know, if you are users of the distribution, are anticipated.
  • Visual Studio Code 1.55. Moving on with the applications, we collect in the PING as usual the new version of your favorite code editor (!) and every day that of more people, VSCODE. All the news, on the official blog.
  • Firefox y Vivaldi. We gather a same ping the releases of the new versions of two of the most interesting browsers for functionality, and that we usually ignore because we publish everything in MC. Be that as it may, Firefox 87 and Vivaldi 3.7 were released recently and we make this hole for them.
  • Microsoft Edge. We leave Microsoft Edge on the sidelines, because although at the beginning of the month it released its new version, the one we have in Linux is still the development one and if it recently allowed to activate the synchronization manually, the response of the users seems to have been such that they have published a new version in which you no longer need to do anything additional.

Finally, a video that the KDE project published last week and that draws attention due to the type of video: «The power of Plasma»They titled it and reviews some of the features that make the desktop the great tool it is… even though they don’t even scratch the surface.

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