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Lincoln Zephyr concept, a car that shows that sedans will stay alive

Lincoln presented in Shanghai a new concept that was developed specifically for the Chinese market, a sedan named Zephyr that will pave the way for future models in that country.

It’s no secret that the Chinese market is still a fan of sedans, and apparently it is the only place where this type of vehicle continues to have a future, hence the amount of products that are still being marketed and still presented.

Regarding the design and size, it feels very similar to the defunct MKZ, evidently taken to a new level, with more futuristic tints and innovative, while maintaining the identity of the company.

The styling of the new Lincoln Zephyr is even similar to what we’ve seen with Aviator and Corsair, albeit with a grille with a new star pattern that perfectly frames the logo and outlined headlights.

The rear doesn’t look that different to what we have already seen with sedans that once existed, including the Continental as well.

The interior does show a great leap compared to production vehicles, because from the outset we see a much cleaner and more technological cabin, which highlights a large screen that runs through the entire instrument panel, a two-tone steering wheel with what is necessary and a central space that houses the buttons that replace the gear lever.

On the subject of the powertrain the brand remained reservedHowever, it is almost a fact that when the production variant arrives, which will be at the end of this year, it will be a 100% electric car.

Finally, although it seems that the launch of this model that was born specifically to live in China does not involve us as a market, we could know in it a series of attributes in terms of design and technological level that they could possibly adopt the SUVs sold in Mexico.

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The news Lincoln Zephyr concept, a car that shows that sedans will stay alive was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Estefanía Trujillo.

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