Lilly Téllez makes fun of Hugo López-Gatell on April Fools Day

In the midst of a health crisis that has some hospitals in the country on the verge of collapse, some media and political figures convert the Undersecretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell the butt of their jokes for Children’s Day Innocent saints. Such is the case of the PAN senator Lilly Téllez, who ironic in work carried out by the official in charge of controlling the pandemic in Mexico.

Through Twitter, the former Grupo Salinas journalist recognized the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion for his performance in controlling the spread and containment of the coronavirus

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“My recognition to Dr. López Gatell for his scientific ability, his ability to do mathematics and for his honesty in putting the public interest before his political ambitions,” published Lilly Téllez this Monday, December 28, on her official Twitter account.

In the thread of this publication, the senator put a picture of Homer Simpson. Next to the famous cartoon character on the Fox network you can read the legend “December 28, April Fools’ Day.”

With this action, the secretary of the Navy Commission in the Senate of the Republic reiterates her displeasure for the epidemiologist in charge of containing the Sars-Cov-2 epidemic in the country. The senator’s position is due to the number of confirmed cases and deaths from this disease that have been registered so far, as well as little hospital capacity in some parts of the capital.

Twitter: @LillyTellez

It should be remembered that at López Gatell’s hearing in the Senate on the progress of the pandemic, Téllez made a strong speech against the official that he called “little viceroy of empty beds and the dead at home.”

“With all due respect to the blind, to the blind, starting with my father, I am going to give you your scepter, little viceroy of empty beds and of the dead at home, with your blind loyalty to the president, you have only beaten blind, ”said Téllez.

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