Lightning struck a recreation center in Plottier and killed a girl

A lightning fell into the pool in the recreational area of ​​the UPCN union situated in Horseshoe, of Plottier. As reported by the Police one of the wounds, an underage girl died product of injuries. The discharge would have hit a tree and the shock wave caused serious injuries to about six people.

He Provincial Undersecretary of Civil Defense, Martín Giusti, confirmed that the 4-year-old girl got the worst of it and a 24-year-old woman suffered burns on his legs. There would be 4 more people who were affected.

Apparently the girl would have serious injuries so she had to receive first aid assistance from the personnel of the place. Then professionals from the Neuquén emergency service arrived.

According to the first versions, the ray would have hit a tree on the property owned by the state union. The shock wave of the phenomenon would have caused the injuries.

So far the severity of the injuries suffered by each of those affected is unknown. The worst prognosis was reserved for the minor.

Provincial police and SIEN personnel work at the site.

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