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Liga MX: What are your predictions for the 2021 Guard1anes Tournament playoff?

At ESPN we asked fans about their predictions for the play-off to the Liguilla.

This weekend we will enjoy the duels for the playoffs to qualify for the Liguilla where they are already waiting Cruz Azul, America, Puebla and Monterrey to his next rivals.

At ESPN we ask fans about their favorites for reclassification matches in Liga MX

What teams do you think will qualify via the playoffs to the Liguilla?

Atlas vs Tigers

Place:Jalisco Stadium

Last five matches of Atlas: GPEPG
Last five matches of Tigers: EGEGP
History between both teams:
Atlas 2-0 Tigers
Tigers 1-1 Atlas
Tigers 2-1 Atlas
Atlas 1-1 Tigers
Atlas 1-0 Tigers
Odds of winning according to “FiveThirtyEight”: Atlas 55% | Tigers 45%

Santos vs Querétaro

Place:Corona Stadium

Last five matches of Santos: EPGPE
Last five matches of Queretaro: PGEGP
History between both teams:
Queretaro 1-0 Santos
Santos 2-1 Querétaro
Santos 1-0 Queretaro
Santos 2-1 Querétaro
Queretaro 2-1 Santos
Odds of winning according to “FiveThirtyEight”: Santos 70% | Queretaro 30%

Leon vs Toluca

Place:Leon Stadium

Last five matches of Lion: GPGPG
Last five matches of Toluca: PGPPP
History between both teams:
Lion 2-1 Toluca
Toluca 2-2 Leon
Lion 4-0 Toluca
Lion 3-0 Toluca
Toluca 1-2 Lion

Odds of winning according to “FiveThirtyEight”: Lion 69% | Toluca 31%

Pachuca vs Guadalajara

Place:Hidalgo Stadium

Last five matches of Pachuca: GGGPE
Last five matches of Guadalajara: EGGGP
History between both teams:
Pachuca 1-1 Guadalajara
Guadalajara 0-0 Pachuca
Pachuca 0-0 Guadalajara

Guadalajara 2-4 Pachuca
Pachuca 3-1 Guadalajara
Odds of winning according to “FiveThirtyEight”: Pachuca 59% | Guadalajara 41%

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