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Liga MX: Soccer Stove at the moment

The movements in Mexican soccer follow names of footballers sound to reinforce each participating team in the Apertura 2021

* In this space you will find information in real time from other national and international media, but that have not been corroborated by ESPN, so the responsibility for the information is unique to the medium that publishes it.

If you want to see confirmed registrations and cancellations, in this link you will find the information.

13 Mayo

18:00 Querétaro midfielder Fernando Madrigal interests Necaxa, Pumas and América, according to W Radio journalist Fernanda Martínez.

17:12 The forward of FC Juárez Darío Lezcano interests Pachuca.

17:11 The left-handed Salvador Reyes is interested in America as a signing for the 2021 Apertura and the club would be willing to give money and Carlos Vargas’ token as a bargaining chip.

17:10 The new coach of Mazatlán FC will be the Spaniard Beñat San José, according to information from John Sutcliffe.

17:05 Necaxa announced the withdrawal of nine footballers: Ian González, Unai Bilbao, David Cabrera, Jair Pereira, Sebastián Fassi, Mario de Luna, Francisco Acuña, Óscar Millán and Diego Abella.

13:00 Pumas is already outlining its next campaign and is looking for reinforcements for the Apertura 2021. One of the elements of interest for the group led by Andrés Lillini is Jonathan Benítez, although the extreme left is not a viable option due to the economic issue, sources revealed to Fernado Villa from ESPN Digital.

While the 28-year-old midfielder who plays for Palestinian in Chile It is one of the players that Andrés Lillini followed and that he asked the club’s sports intelligence department to keep a close eye on, the Argentine’s option is far off at the moment.

12:00 At the end of their participation in the Guardians 2021, the rout began in the Gallos Blancos del Querétaro and at least 10 players will not continue in the club for the next tournament, reports Marcelino Fernández of ESPN.

Whether due to retirement, as was the case with Antonio Valencia, termination of the contract or loan, the board of directors headed by Gabriel Solares and Manuel Velarde will have to take on the task of rebuilding the squad again. So far, the team has also confirmed the losses of the goalkeepers Gil Alcalá and Gerardo Ruiz, the Uruguayans Martín Rea, Gonzalo Montes and Hugo Silveira, the Brazilian Francisco da Costa and the Mexican Javier Ibarra.

11:00 After having renewed the contract, Chivas strategist Víctor Manuel Vucetich has begun to design the team’s preseason, which will take place in the Riviera Maya, in the state of Quintana Roo. It is expected that during the month of June the Guadalajara team will be working in the Mexican Caribbean, to prepare for the Apertura 2021, reports ESPN’s Jesús Bernal.

In addition, a trip to the United States is included in the planning so that players and staff of the first team apply the vaccine against Covid 19 and remain immune during the next semester.

It is expected that this day will be when Chivas will make the contract renewal of Víctor Manuel Vucetich official, which will be for two more tournaments at the head of the rojiblanca squad.

12 Mayo

11:30 Goalkeeper Marcelo Barovero could return to Mexican soccer, as the Queretaro He follows in the footsteps of the Argentine goalkeeper and is interested in bringing him back to Liga MX, after Gil Alcalá announced his departure from the institution and the Gallos squad is in search of his replacement for the following season. ESPN’s Jesús Bernal.

El “Trapito” currently plays for Burgos in the Second Division B of Spain, where he is the starting goalkeeper, and his contract ends in June, so he would reach the Gallos team at zero cost.

11:00 Antonio Valencia confirmed that he left Querétaro and would abandon the active practice of soccer. Toño, 36, suffers from severe joint wear on his knees and the treatments are beyond repair.

10:00 Midfielder Efraín Álvarez is in the sights of Chivas to join the team as a reinforcement for the next Mexican soccer tournament, although so far there have been no formal approaches.

In accordance with Goal.comSo far there has been no contact between the directors of Guadalajara and LA Galaxy, but in the Sacred Rebaño it is an element that seduces them to become a new element of the team.

9:00 Gil Alcala, who was Gallos’s goalkeeper, said goodbye to the Queretaro team after eight years of belonging to the institution. The Mexican goalkeeper came to the Negriazul team in 2013, belonging to the basic forces.

In your account instagram, the goalkeeper sent a farewell message to the fans of the Gallos team.

The Mexican goalkeeper made his debut with the Gallos in the maximum Mexican football circuit in the Clausura 2019, after the departure of Tiago Volpi. The Mexican was one of the goalkeepers with the fewest goals in the Apertura 2019.

According to rumors they point out that Alcalá will wear the colors of Toluca for the next tournament.

11 mayo

16:00 The lack of budget in Chivas for hiring is a reality. For this reason, the sports leadership, headed by Ricardo Peláez, has been given the task of seeking reinforcements that do not generate a cost to the institution. This is how they have met Vladimir Moragrega Soto, a forward center who will arrive at Guadalajara free, after ending his contract with the Atlante Iron Colts, reports Ernaldo Moritz of ESPN.

10 mayo


Rumors have started around the Chivas players after the elimination against Pachuca in the playoffs.

Cristian Calderón is the object of desire for Monterrey and Tigres, although Monterrey is the team that has the hand to add the Guadalajara footballer to their ranks.

A source revealed to ESPN that the Albiazul team seeks to take over the services of ‘Chicote’ and they have already had approaches with the board of the Sacred Herd. The intention is that it can reach the team led by Javier Aguirre as a definitive sale to be able to join the next preseason.

9 mayo

13:00 Puebla striker Santiago Ormeño interests León, which in the next few days is expected to start negotiations to try to sign him.

8 mayo

Coach Héctor ‘Pity’ Altamirano will stay with Querétaro for the next two tournamentsthe club reported in a statement.

7 mayo

10:50 Tigres welcomed French Florian Thauvin, who will join the team for the Apertura 2021.

8:10 Defensor Sporting de Peru announced the departure of Uruguayan midfielder Vicente Poggi, as well as its incorporation into Necaxa.

00:00 Former Mazatlán coach Tomás Boy noted that his departure from Mazatlán FC it was due to the fact that both parties were going “in different directions”

6 mayo

Guillermo Cantú resigned from the presidency of FC Juárez because he did not meet the objectives set for the season.

Ricardo Ferretti pointed out that he has not had offers from any Liga MX club, however, they have contacted you from abroad.

5 mayo

Tigres can officially offer the bench to Miguel Herrera over the next week, sources told ESPN.

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