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Liga MX: Overview of the 18 teams towards the final stretch of Guard1anes 2021

We present you the panorama of the 18 teams facing the final phase of Guar1anes 2021

Liga MX enters the final stretch of Guard1anes 2021 and with four days to go to the end of the regular phase, Cruz Azul and América are the clear favorites for the title, they have already secured their place in the final phase and are the only teams fighting for finishing as tournament leader.

Celestes and Águilas play a separate tournament, each day they increase the advantage with the rest of the teams, 11 and nine points of difference compared to Monterrey, third classified, and up to 19 and 17 units, respectively, with Querétaro, the team in the position 12 and last that gives access to the final phase.

Chivas and Pumas move away from the Liguilla each day, accumulating six and eight dates, respectively, without finishing the day among the top 12 teams in the leaderboard, and their outlook is not encouraging for the final stretch of the tournament.

We present to you what remains for each of the 18 teams in the final stretch of the tournament and facing the end of Guard1anes 2021.

League and favorites

Blue Cross

Juan Reynoso’s team accumulates 11 games with victory, a situation that has taken him to the top of the tournament and with options to impose marks such as more points, more consecutive wins and ensure the overall lead.

Matches to play: Chivas, America, San Luis, Xolos


Las Águilas remained undefeated at the Aztec Stadium and reached seven consecutive home wins to become the best home of the tournament. On matchday 15 he will play against Cruz Azul the match that will define the leader of the tournament.

Matches to play: Tigres, Cruz Azul, Toluca, Pumas

The surprises of the half table


With a tournament of ups and downs during Javier Aguirre’s first tournament with Rayados, the squad aspires to preserve its position to go directly to the league, although the pending match it has against Chivas can help it close the gap with the capital leaders.

Matches to play: Toluca, Pachuca, Chivas, Tigres, Mazatlán FC


Guillermo Almada keeps afloat a squad that has suffered with the absences due to injury of leading players, such as Bryan Lozano, Diego Valdés and Fernando Gorriarán. With youth teams, finishing in the top four will be a good reward for the Laguna team.

Matches to play: Gallos, Toluca, Pachuca, Puebla


The rojinegros have as a priority to get away from the last position of the quotient table, but their good run of results has taken them to the fifth position in the standings. With no options to access the final phase if he finishes among the teams that will pay the fine for the quotient table, Atlas gets to the top of the table as an entertainer.

Matches to play: Leon, Mazatlan, Chivas, Necaxa


The animating team of the tournament does not lose its rhythm and each day it consolidates in the final phase area. For the second tournament in a row one of the most modest squads in the tournament will reach the final phase of the tournament.

Matches to play: Pachuca, San Luis, Pumas, Santos


Los Diablos got off to an encouraging start with the return of Hernán Cristante as coach, but as the days went by, his performance has dropped. He barely registers a win in the last five games.

Matches to play: Monterrey, Santos, America, Juárez


The current champion confirms his recovery by adding three consecutive victories and climbing positions in the general table, when he spent the first third of the tournament in the last positions.

Matches to play: Atlas, FC Juárez, Mazatlán, Gallos


Pablo Guede continues with the mission of impregnating his idea in Tijuana, but the results do not reflect an improvement, since of the last five games he has lost four.

Matches to play: Mazatlán FC, Chivas, Necaxa, Cruz Azu


The Club World Cup hangover remained in the Tigres for more than five games, but the victory against Querétaro helped Ricardo Ferretti’s team to settle back in the playoff zone.

Matches to play: America, FC Juárez, Pumas, Monterrey, Chivas


Pachuca is another of the teams that recovered positions to fight for the final phase, since four days it was the general sotanero and right now it is installed in the 11th place.

Matches to play: Puebla, Monterrey, Santos, San Luis


The last ticket is for the Gallos, but they barely have five points more than FC Juárez, the sotanero of the tournament. With seven defeats, it is one of the teams with the most setbacks in the tournament.

Matches to play: Santos, Necaxa, FC Juárez, Leon

Tournament stragglers

Mazatlan FC

The Tomás Boy painting was able to beat Tigres at the University Stadium, but has not been able to instill dominance in El Kraken.

Matches to play: Xolos, Atlas, Leon, Monterrey


The fall of the Pumas was dramatic. He has spent eight days of the tournament out of final phase positions and with 13 units he still aspires to the Liguilla, but also to finish as the last place in the tournament.

Matches to play: Necaxa, Tigres, Puebla, America


Chivas has a pending match, but draws stop the herd’s goals, as it is the team that registers the most draws in the tournament with seven.

Matches to play: Cruz Azul, Xolos, Monterrey, Atlas, Tigres

Athletic of San Luis

San Luis aims to avoid the millionaire fine of 120 million pesos, which right now corresponds to him for the first time in the tournament.

Matches to play: FC Juárez, Puebla, Cruz Azul, Pachuca


Guillermo Vázquez returned to the path of victory for the Rayos, but the inertia of América del Santiago Solari prevented the team from recovering.

Matches to play: Pumas, Roosters, Xolos, Atlas

FC Juárez

Mathematically they have a chance of reaching the final phase, with a game pending and five points from 12th place, FC Juárez still has hopes of reaching the Liguilla for the title.

Matches to play: San Luis, Tigres, Leon, Gallos, Toluca

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