The creation of the regional league would mean a logistical and cost challenge for the clubs, since the cost of travel would be around one million pesos per match.

The merger between MLS and Liga MX is envisioned towards 2026 as a project that will bring together teams from both tournaments to create the most important regional tournament, which will unleash challenges for participants, and an example will be the budget that can reach up to one million pesos for a round trip between the various venues.

The longest transfer, by plane, within the country is when you travel from Mexico City to Tijuana, since it takes five hours to travel, plus land time; however, a flight from the same border city to New York takes almost 10 hours with one layover.

Flights are the most expensive part of the transfer, since you can reach almost a million pesos in ticket costs, with the most basic rate and taking into account that, in addition, you must pay an extra for all the props with which they travel .

Although all the professional clubs in Mexico have agreements with airlines, which allow them to obtain flights at a lower cost, in ESPN Digital We did the exercise to find out the investment that the clubs should consider to travel to the venues. The examples are of flights from Friday to Sunday, taking into account Saturday as the day of the game, and with the basic rate as the one that any user currently pays.

Taking into account a trip from Mexico City to Montreal, for a potential Blue Cross against Montreal Impact on a Saturday afternoon it costs more than 1 million 028 thousand pesos, just between flights and accommodation. And it is that around 50 people travel through the Machine, including players, coaching staff, staff and security members.

The cost of the round trip for the 50 people is 869 thousand 450 pesos in the most basic rate flying through a Mexican airline. This price includes taxes, but you also have to pay the surcharges for the props with which they travel, since they carry uniforms, balls, training clothes, boots, etc.

To this, the cost of the hotel is added, the same as for 25 rooms, all double occupancy, it costs 159 thousand 617 pesos. This hotel has the amenities that clubs require such as a gym and a multipurpose room where they can have the physical activations they require, in addition to being well located in the city for an easy transfer to the stadium.

The cost of meals is added to the accommodation, since hotels in the United States include only breakfast and the cost of ground transportation must also be considered, although, commonly, the local club supplies this to the visiting team.

Another example that spends a million pesos in pure transportation and lodging is a potential Chivas before the same Montreal Impact. The flight from Guadalajara to Montreal costs, for 50 people, which are the ones who normally travel with the team, it is 848 thousand 500 pesos. Meanwhile, accommodation amounts to 159 thousand 617 pesos, which in total adds up to 1 million 007 thousand pesos.

Added to this is the nine-hour flight from Mexico to Canada, which implies physical wear and tear on the players and takes them longer to recover when they arrive at their destination.

Transfers take longer than any club would do in Mexico and costs double or triple. Although it must be remembered and emphasized that the teams have agreements to save expenses in this area, the operational part can mean a concern for a super league that aims to be ready by 2026 and that has the approval of FIFA.

Examples of matches:

América vs. Seattle Sounders

Origin: CDMX

Destino: Seattle*

Period: Friday to Sunday

Journey: 6 hours 15 mins flight

Members: America-40 people

Flight cost: 303 thousand pesos

Accommodation: 20 rooms for 146 thousand 567 pesos **

Pumas vs. Vancouver Whitecaps

Origin: CDMX

Destination: Vancouver *

Period: Friday to Sunday

Journey: 6 hours 10 mins flight

Members: Pumas – 40 people

Flight cost: 549 thousand 800 pesos

Accommodation: 20 rooms – 144 thousand 610 pesos **

Cruz Azul vs. CF Montreal

Origin: CDMX

Destination: Montreal

Period: Friday to Sunday

Journey: 5 hours 15 mins flight

Members: Cruz Azul – 50 people

Flight cost: 869 thousand 450 pesos

Accommodation: 25 rooms – 159 thousand 617 pesos **

Tijuana vs. New York City

Origin: Tijuana, Friday

Destination: New York

Period: Friday to Sunday

Journey: 10 hours 10 mins with 1 stopover

Members: Xolos – 40 people

Cost: 328,040 pesos

Accommodation: 20 rooms – 124 thousand 460 pesos **

Chivas vs. CF Impact

Origin: Guadalajara

Destination: Montreal

Period: Friday to Sunday

Journey: 9 hours 35 mins flight (1 stopover)

Members: Chivas – 50 people

Cost: 848 thousand 500 pesos

Accommodation: 25 rooms – 159 thousand 617 pesos **

* Basic rates

** Double occupancy

*** More bus rental plus food packages