These are the forecasts for matchday 13 of Guard1anes 2021 in a pool presented by ESPN talent

Returns the Liga MX after two weeks of FIFA Date with nine teams still fighting for a ticket to the playoffs in the absence of four dates to play in the regular phase of the tournament, in addition to only Blue Cross and America They have secured their pass to the “Big Party”.

Our ESPN experts gave their predictions for this Matchday 13 of the Guard1anes Tournament 2021, find out what their predictions were.


KC: Kary Correa
PG: Paulina Garcia
RP: Ricardo Puig
DF: David Faitelson
JP: Jorge Pietrasanta
MY: Mauricio Ymay
OF: Antonio Valle
JAR: Jose Antonio Rodriguez
JLS: Jose Luis Sanchez Sola
MG: Miguel Gonzalez
RT: René Tovar
FROM: Dionisio Estrada
JS: John Sutcliffe
PGA: Francisco Gabriel de You