Today at the word “reality show” at least a dozen images will appear in your head – this is “Dom-2”, and “Fear Factor”, and “Battle of Psychics”, and “Pregnant”, and “The Last Hero” … List you can go on and on. However, at the beginning of the 2000s, domestic television could not boast of such an abundance of projects – this “movement” was just emerging. It was at this time that the reality show “Hunger” started on TNT. A separate reason for pride is the fact that this project is one of the few invented in Russia, and not bought from foreign colleagues. The show was truly unprecedented – 12 participants (in the second season there were 13 of them) for 100 (120) days live in a foreign country in a house where there is everything except food and money.

Did you ask? Get it! We could not help but respond to your request to tell us where the participants in the reality show “Hunger” on TNT are today. We must admit that we ourselves were interested to know how their fate developed, but it turned out to be extremely difficult to find information about the “starving”.

Some ex-participants in the show have gone into the shadows so much that they don’t even have social networks. But, fortunately, we still managed to get information about most of the heroes. We are sure that the fate of some of the participants will surprise you.

Reality show “Hunger”, 1 season

12 participants were sent to Berlin. They live in a house with everything except food and money. Occasionally, the heroes of the project go out into the city in pairs to earn extra money and be able to buy something from food. The winner who lasts 100 days on the project will receive a lifetime monthly salary of $ 1,000.

Alexander Konstantinov – winner of the 1st season

Alexander Konstantinov is a former paratrooper who worked as a bodyguard for a crime boss. The young man had every chance to become the winner of the project, and he skillfully used them. The “starving” affectionately called Konstantinov Shura, plus all the fans of “Hunger” considered him the most handsome guy on the show. Alexander was loved for his spontaneity and sense of humor, he never entered into open conflicts. During the show, Alexander lost 20 kilograms.

The victory in the “Hunger” provided Konstantinov with a lifetime salary of $ 1,000. Thanks to the winnings, Alexander fulfilled his old dream of becoming an actor – he entered the paid faculty of the Shchukin All-Russian Theater School. Today Konstantinov is an actor of theater and cinema, his filmography includes more than twenty films. “Hunger” forever changed the artist’s views: Alexander became a vegetarian, and sport occupies one of the main places in his life.

The show not only gave Konstantinov a stable income and a dream job, but also arranged his personal life. After the “Hunger”, Alexander struck up a relationship with Karina Sabirzyanova (although feelings between them flared up on the project). Soon the young people got married, they had twins – Klim and Olivia.

Karina Sabirzyanova

Karina was considered the most beautiful girl of the project … and the most windy. All the participants loved her, but no one took her seriously. In addition to Konstantinov: while on the project, Alexander made it clear to Karina that he liked her. And when Sabirzyanova seemed to begin to reciprocate, her boyfriend suddenly flew to Berlin, stole and made a marriage proposal. Karina was so shocked that, without hesitation, she agreed and voluntarily left the project, simultaneously breaking poor Shura’s heart.

Sabirzyanova stayed on “Hunger” for a month. Returning to their homeland in Kazan, Karina and her fiance played a magnificent wedding. It seemed that the girl’s life was going exactly as she dreamed. However, even on the set of the series “Life after the Famine”, Sabirzyanova made it clear that she was unhappy with her husband, since they had nothing in common, and her consent to marry was a hasty decision. However, her fiancé, it seems, made an offer only to keep Karina with him, but in fact he did not make any attempts to make her happy. Without thinking twice, the girl went to another – Alexander Konstantinov. Well, you already know the happy ending of this story.

Zuriko Nazadze

If we talk about whose victory the fans of the show “Hunger” believed most of all, then, of course, it was Zuriko. The guy was born in prison, and grew up in an orphanage. His difficult fate touched the hearts of millions of TV viewers. Many did not doubt that, having gone through such difficulties, Backze would cope with “Hunger”, take the main prize and finally make his dreams come true – build a house, have a family and children. But that did not happen. Cheerful, open and kind Zuriko, after just two weeks of hunger strike, turned into an embittered, aggressive tyrant, whom absolutely all project participants feared. Backstage began to talk more and more about his departure, and, fearing for his mental health, the organizers decided to send Zuriko home after just 20 days on the show.

Despite the fact that Zuriko never managed to win the show, he still got the prize – thanks to “Hunger” he found his own sister, whom he had never seen.

Backze said that this project helped him to look inside himself and understand his weaknesses. The guy admitted: “Hunger” his mind clouded, and he stopped thinking adequately. After that, Zuriko decided to no longer participate in reality shows and live a normal life. Which he does.

Lyubov Gaikovich

Gaikovich came to the casting of “Hunger” together with her best friend. Then the girls said that they would only go to the project together, and if they chose one of them, no one would go. As a result, Lyuba was offered a place in the show, and she, breaking her promise, agreed. On the project, Gaikovich was not at all ashamed of television cameras – she walked naked, spoke rudely, behaved defiantly. Still: in the past, Lyuba worked as a stripper in the United States (which, by the way, was able to make good money in Berlin). Gaikovich left the project 42 days later – she clearly went too far in the “duel” with Ksyusha Kozlova. Lyuba severely insulted her rival, at some point it came to such rudeness that even the loyal producers of TNT had to cut them off the air. Of course, after this, the viewers sent home the rude Gaikovich.

By the way, the best friend has never forgiven Lyuba’s betrayal. After returning from the show, Gaikovich made an attempt to make peace, but soon their communication came to naught, which the ex-“starving” woman regretted very much – her best friend was the only person close and dear to her. As one of the most scandalous participants in the project, Lyuba remained on the wave for a long time thanks to discussions on the Internet, and consolidated her dubious success by shooting in Playboy. Over the years, Gaikovich has not changed at all: she has remained the same hooligan, who does not recognize any rules.

Lyuba is not married, but was in a relationship. In 2012, her son Maxim was born.

Nikita Golubev

Another contender for victory and the main rival of Alexander Konstantinov is Nikita Golubev. They both reached the very end, but the victory, alas, went to only one of them. Despite the struggle, Nikita and Alexander became friends from the very first days of the project. At the time of the show, Golubev was a regular at club parties, a medical student who nevertheless dreamed of becoming an artist. Nikita’s talent for drawing was recognized not only by the participants, whose portraits he painted with pleasure, but also by the inhabitants of Berlin – the guy sold his art on the streets of the city, thus earning money for food.

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