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License revoked for truck driver who attacked motorist

The Ministry of Transportation of Jalisco (Setran) reported this Sunday that it the driver’s license was revoked of the public transport that attacked yesterday to the driver of a private car who claimed him for littering.

In a statement, the state agency reported that, in addition, the Public Transportation Supervision team withdrew the unit from circulation U-061 of route T14B-C01 (previously 50B), which was driven by the attacker.

After the video of the incident was disseminated on social networks, Setran said that it is in communication with the team of the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office to collaborate in repairing the damage, also ensuring that this driver you will no longer drive a public transportation unit in Jalisco.

They stated that from the moment the complaint was received, the supervision team of the Secretariat began the search for the unit and the driver involved.

The incident occurred on Saturday when both were driving along Federalismo Avenue at the intersection with Luis Quintero Street, in Zapopan, the citizen claimed the truck driver for dumping garbage on public roads.

According to what is recorded in the video released by the victim, after speaking, the truck driver returned to his unit to take a fire extinguisher and use it as a blunt object to break the car window and try to hit the citizen.


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