Liberal and Free Party obtained more votes than in 2017

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The votes obtained at the presidential level by the Liberal Party as well as Libertad y RefundaciĆ³n (Free) in the primary elections this year already exceed the marks registered in the elections of four years ago.

Based on the official results that the National Electoral Council (CNE) continues to process, the Liberals exceed 758,500 votes, while in the 2017 primaries registered 700,861 trademarks.

For this occasion, three presidential candidates participated in the contest, contrary to the five candidates who competed in the last democratic fair. Meanwhile, in the left-wing party there was also a greater participation of voters due to the fact that they went from 461,825 votes to more than 505,610 marks achieved so far.

LEA: On April 13, the CNE will declare the winners of the primary elections

In 2017 there were three internal movements different from the electoral tournament on March 14 when nine currents measured strength, six of which had the pre-candidate Xiomara Castro in alliance.

Although the National Party has more than 1,137,820 votes, it still does not reach the 1,378,770 votes it obtained four years ago.

Elections took place in the country 19 days ago, but to date not all of the ballot box closing minutes have been processed, so it has not been possible to make the winners official.

However, the triumph of Nasry Asfura (PN), Yani Rosenthal (PL) in turn Castro (Libre) has been consolidating and the difference of brands with their opponents is increasingly widening.

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