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LG decides to close its smartphone division

The LG Wing was not a great sales success.

The LG Wing was not a great sales success.
Image: LG

Which it seemed like an open secret It has finally been confirmed: LG has decided to shut down its smartphone division once and for all.

The South Korean company announced the news today in a release. According to LG itself, this decision is made due to the fierce competition in this market and will now be dedicated to focus your resources on “other growth areas such as components for electric vehicles, connected devices or robotics”.

After years of losses, it doesn’t seem like all surprising the possibility that LG has decided to quit the mobile phone business. As we explained here, LG’s problems come from different routes. On the one hand, the company has had stiff competition from Samsung on the local ground, a which has not been able to maintain the pulse. Nor has he had any luck or success with some of his latest smartphones and also, the section on software and support It has been a drag on your phones for years.

LG will have to continue offering updates and Support your phones for at least two years and that’s when it finally pulls the shutter.

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