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LG Chocolate, remembering a phone that everyone wanted to have

This week smartphone enthusiasts got the news that LG to close its mobile division, in order to direct efforts to growth areas such as smart homes, robotics and artificial intelligence.

It is a decision that unfortunately was due to economic losses, when the truth is that LG Mobile always bet on launching equipment that they were out of the norm, a situation that we remembered when we observed this image that our friends from DeMemoria sent us:

This is a clipping from the October 20, 2009 edition of the Reforma newspaper, which emphasized that the future of the telephone rested in the Web services.

At the bottom of the page appears the GD900, better known as LG Crystal, considered the first transparent phone in the world, and when we see it we remember what is perhaps the most emblematic team of the South Korean firm: LG Chocolate.

The first model in the Chocolate line was CYON, released in November 2005 in South Korea and whose demand was so high that the company decided to launch an international version.

That version was LG KG800, better known as LG Chocolate, launched in 2006 and responsible for debuting the line LG Black Label Series.

LG Chocolate became an immediate success: its design was attractive and elegant, it weighed just 88 grams, it had a 1.3 megapixel camera and it was also a model slider, which increased the feeling of sophistication.

But the detail that most attracted attention was its interface with botones touch that lit up and activated once the device was swiped to reveal the keyboard.

According to a 2006 NBC report, LG Chocolate displaced 1,400,000 units in less than three months in Europe, Asia Y Latin America, amount to which were added the 500,000 that were sold in South Korea. Back then the prognosis was that once it reached USA at a price of $ 500, 10 million units would have been displaced at the end of June 2007.

LG Chocolate finally came to USA in July 2006, but under the version LG VX8500, whose front was different from the one we met in Latin America.

Either way, it was this version VX8500 which became not only the most successful LG Chocolate, but also the the best-selling phone in all of LG’s history, with a total of 21 million units displaced, according to a 2009 statement from Skott Ahn, then president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

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