With the debut of the LF-Z Electrified prototype, Lexus announces the beginning of a new era in the evolution of the brand, moving from a successful self-charging hybrid range (more than 2 million units sold to date), to a proposal 100% electric.

The LF-Z Electrified prototype incorporates features, design and technologies that Lexus plans to implement as early as 2025. It uses a new specific platform for electric models, with the battery placed under the floor longitudinally and the motor installed on the rear axle. In addition, it debuts DIRECT4 all-wheel drive technology and advanced infotainment functions.

Taking advantage of the position of the engine and the battery, which enhances dynamism and structural rigidity, the brand debuts new electrification and motion control technologies to offer the Lexus Driving Signature, “a driving experience based on a better and more direct connection. with the driver “. In addition, The steering works by wire (By Wire), so there is no mechanical connection to the steering shaft.

The design of a kind of compact crossover with two well-marked bodies shows us a body sculpted to the extreme, with extremely thin headlights, large wheels and tiny mirrors. “The general shape comprises a cabin part with a low hood and a spout at the back, a characteristic design of electric vehicles.”

Of the interior, meanwhile, there are only sketches (we assume that the prototype is not finished), but an open and minimalist design is appreciated, “with a cabin design tailored to the specific qualities of electric driving, and based on a philosophy the people-centered focus that has been a lynchpin for Lexus throughout the brand’s history. “

The model It has artificial intelligence that allows it to dialogue with the driver to know their personal preferences and the characteristics of their behavior, in order to adapt the handling to your liking. Other sophistications are the E-Latch electronic lock, which unfolds the handles by proximity, and the panoramic roof with automatic privacy and lighting control.

The brand plans to launch 20 new or redesigned models, including more than 10 electrified models (BEV, PHEV and HEV), by 2025, reinforcing its range of sedans and crossovers, “and will explore the possibility of commercializing new types of vehicles, such as sports cars, cars designed for drivers and models of totally new categories”, indicates the firm. Lexus is committed to offering electrified versions of all its models by 2025, when 50% of its sales will be low- or zero-emission models.

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