Leshchenko and his wife Irina were hospitalized in Kommunarka last spring. And if the wife of the master more easily endured the illness, then Lev Valerianovich had a very hard time. The rehabilitation process after the coronavirus was also long and tedious. But Leshchenko was able to return to his usual life and re-enter the big stage. But few people know what it cost him.

“The fact is that I got sick, not returning from America, but when I attended various events. I flew in on March 11, and on the 13th I visited the birthday of Igor Krutoy’s sister, Alla. A lot of people gathered there who came from God knows where. Then officially and there was no quarantine, self-isolation was announced on the 16th. And on the 17th I was at the recording of the program “Live”, dedicated to Valea Tolkunova, I could not refuse, because I had promised. Let’s be honest: I went to save this program. But there he observed all the security measures, “- said the 79-year-old artist.

But it was impossible to convince those around him – many believed that Lev Valerianovich knew very well about his illness, but he went out calmly, thereby endangering his star friends.

“Yes, then everyone was scared, people almost began to nail down their apartments out of fear. Aggression has appeared. And they made a scapegoat out of me. It was so silly and funny. I have two drivers, none of them got sick. But such a persecution was directed at me! For some reason Arkasha Ukupnik began to say that he could have become infected when he saw me at Nadia Babkina’s at the theater. True, then he apologized to me: they say, forgive me for stupidly blurting out somewhere in an interview. I did not deserve such a stream of dirt that poured out on me during that period. It was very offensive, “Lev Valerianovich complained in an interview with” Interlocutor “.

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