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Lessons of growing up with a stepfather that makes it clear that father is not the one who begets, but the one who does not abandon you

If you have had to grow up with a stepfather, you are very lucky, and it is that it does not matter that he is not your blood father, what counts is that he has been by your side and has given you his love.

A stepfather who loves you leaves you with valuable life lessons that make you a more confident and confident woman.

And it is that he is a man who did not father you, but who decided to raise you as if you were his daughter.

This is priceless, because in addition to showing the love he has for your mother, it also shows the love he feels for you.

Lessons of growing up with a stepfather that makes it clear that father is not the one who begets, but the one who does not abandon you

Unconditional love exists

When a man who is not your father raises you and cares for you, he teaches you that unconditional love exists.

And it is that, although he did not engender you, nor do you carry his blood, he values ​​you as a daughter and gives you all the love you need.

So it teaches you that even if someone doesn’t carry your blood, they can become your family and an important figure in your life.

It’s like what happens with friends who become your sisters even if they don’t carry your blood.

You are very valuable

Being raised by a stepfather you understand that you are a valuable woman who deserves all the love in the world.

And it is that when being abandoned by your blood father you feel abandoned, and you feel that you do not matter to that very important man in your life.

But, when a stepfather comes into your life, you feel valued, and you realize that the one who is not worth it is your father, and he is the one who loses it, creating a beautiful connection with your stepfather.

Good men do exist

When you suffer an abandonment by your blood father, you create a feeling of hatred and resentment towards all men.

But, fortunately not all are equal, there are good men, who are worth and value the women they love.

And this is made clear to you by the upbringing of your stepfather, because he does not have to guide you, educate you, and give you his love, but he does it because he cares about you, showing you that there are good men.

So value your stepfather and realize that he is the one who has been with you, has guided you and has not abandoned you.

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