The wife of the artist Lev Leshchenko Irina in the studio of the program “The Fate of a Man” on the channel “Russia 1” spoke about the absence of children in their family with the singer.

“There was a moment of disappointment and despair. It was some kind of insult. Misunderstanding. My husband looked forward to me in those years. I never thought about adoption. There were no such thoughts. My mother told me a sad story when she worked at Uralmash. There, the family took a girl from an orphanage. Knowledge was difficult for her. Parents were very worried about her. As a result, the father of the family had a heart attack. All this was deposited in my head. In Soviet times, we were under a hood. Many things remained unclear even in our family. It was not customary to discuss this. We were not ready for this. “

Irina Leshchenko

As Lev Leshchenko himself noted, they were not lucky to some extent with his wife. “Probably, we were unlucky that we lived in a time when there were no such technological opportunities as now. That’s life. I believe that nothing can be higher than love. We have preserved our feelings, and this is the most important thing, ”he said.

Recall that Lev Leshchenko and his second wife are already 45 years old. Moreover, they have no children.

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