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Leonie, where are you? – Schoolgirl (15) got into the car with two men

You are so young and your fate is so uncertain.

The police are looking for missing children and young people almost every day. Thank God most of them will be found safe and sound after a short time. But unfortunately many continue to disappear – too many!

At BILD LIVE, the program “Achtung Fahndung” took on five such cases on Tuesday at 8.15 p.m. in order to finally clarify the fate of the missing with your help.

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Leonie disappeared into the car with two older men

On July 22, 2016, Leonie Gritzka (15) said goodbye to her mother and left the apartment in Remscheid (North Rhine-Westphalia) to meet a friend in the city center. She said her new boyfriend would pick her up soon. According to the girlfriend, the man was already 35 years old. In fact, Leonie got into a black car with another man in the passenger seat.

The police cannot rule out that Leonie might have ended up in prostitution.

Please send information to the Remscheid police: 0202/2847620.

Amani disappeared on the way to school

On July 26th, Amani Aljaffal (16) left her home in Rechtenstein (Alb-Donau district) at 6:20 a.m. to take the bus to school. But she never got there: about an hour later, her backpack was found in a small wood near the school. School supplies, a cell phone and a wallet were found in it – no trace of the girl.

A large-scale search, including on a lake in the “Blauer Steinbruch” nature reserve near Ehingen, was unsuccessful. The girl and her family fled Syria to Germany in 2017. In the meantime it has become known: The family court has issued a ban on approaching the father after an incident in May.

The police stressed that this did not necessarily have to do with Amani’s disappearance. The father is still not a suspect.

► Please send information to the Ulm police: 0731/1774731.

15 year old missing

The 15-year-old girl from Durmersheim (Baden-Württemberg) has been missing since September 11, 2021 and did not return to her living group at a youth facility as agreed. The police have not yet released a name, just the photo. The girl disappeared with a young man and, according to the police, could be in a “helpless position”.

At the time of her disappearance, she was probably wearing a black Adidas jacket with white stripes and black Nike sneakers.

Please send information to the Offenburg police: 0781/212810.

Inga disappeared into the forest

The blonde girl (5) with the sweet tooth gap was visiting with her family in the Wilhelmshof district of Stendal on May 2, 2015, they wanted to look for wood for a campfire. Inga ran into a nearby forest but did not return. The search on the 3500 hectare site was unsuccessful.

► Please send information to the Stendal police: 03931/685291.

Bjarne was last seen at a bus stop

After a dispute with his family, Bjarne W. (18) disappeared at the beginning of August 2021 at a rest area in Castrop-Rauxel on the A42. Despite a search with helicopters and search dogs, he was not found. Witnesses saw him again on September 2nd, at a bus stop at the old train station.

Please send information to the telephone number: 0800/2361 111.

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