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Leonie (13) raped and killed – girl killer Rasuli Z. escaped in the tug boat

This audacity takes your breath away: Rasuli Z., fourth suspect in the case of Leonie, used a tug boat on his escape from Austria, then applied for asylum in England again under a false name! That reports among other things Mail Online

The 22-year-old was caught by Austrian agents in London at the end of July. Before that, at the end of June, he is said to have docile the 13-year-old girl together with three other Afghans in Vienna using drugs, then raped them together and put them to die on a tree. The act had caused horror around the world.

Escape to England

While his three accomplices were caught shortly after the heinous act and were imprisoned in Austria, Rasuli Z. managed to escape. How exactly – that was previously unclear.

Now the English media are reporting: Rasuli Z. fled with the help of a tug boat on which he mingled with other migrants. He is said to have crossed the English Channel and presented false papers on his arrival in Kent on July 18th. With them he applied for asylum.

At the time, it was apparently not clear to the border guards that the man was an internationally wanted criminal, as a large number of migrants arrived on the English south coast at the time.

Accommodation in the hotel

Rasuli Z. was accommodated in the Ibis Hotel in the Whitechapel district of London. It took around 14 days for his false identity to be exposed. He was arrested on July 29th, Austrian target investigators had tracked him down.

Since then, Z., who had repeatedly committed crimes in Austria, has been in prison and was brought before a court on September 3rd by video link. A second appointment is planned for October 1st.

Delivery to Austria is delayed

However, the extradition hearing is not expected to take place until January 2022, which will delay the start of the process in Austria.

And: Rasuli Z. does not want to be transferred: “He is currently resisting his extradition, but will not be successful at the end of the day”, quoted Leonie’s parents’ lawyer, Florian Höllwarth.

Another blow for the girl’s mother, who has to cope with the terrible crime committed against her daughter: “I’m so angry, why hasn’t this man been extradited long ago? My little one trusted a 16-year-old who probably brought her the apartment – her death sentence. ”

The shocking case of Leonie

Leonie drove from her home town of Tulln to Vienna, around 40 kilometers away, on June 25th. She wanted to meet the Afghan Ali A .. (allegedly 16), whom she met on Instagram, at the party mile on the Danube Canal. Other of his compatriots are said to have joined them later, including Rasuli Z ..

Already there, the men are said to have made Leonie docile with drugs, and later went with her to Amini I’s (18) apartment. There Sahel S. (23) caused a drug surge, including ecstasy.

On the night of July 26th three of the four men – Amini I., Rasuli Z. and Ali A. – attacked the defenseless child and raped her again and again until her body collapsed. After this ordeal, they laid the girl, wrapped in a rug, by a tree. Sahel S., the fourth, claims he only delivered the drugs, did not participate in the gang rape.

The four suspects came to Austria a few years ago as asylum seekers, but their applications were rejected. While Ali A. is said to have no previous convictions, the other accused were criminals, among other things because of robbery and drug offenses. Sahel S. even for illegal possession of weapons and a sexual offense.

But the Afghans were not deported.

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