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Leonid Yakubovich: “I am like that sofa from” War and Peace “, I stand in the middle of Channel One, and cannot be touched”

75-year-old Yakubovich has been hosting a TV program for three decades. At the same time, he cannot say that he is tired of turning the drum. True, because of the pandemic, it is psychologically difficult for him to work in an empty studio. “This is my job. The same is true if you ask the surgeon whether he is tired of cutting. Of course, the legs do not go there, but as soon as the command “motor!” – everything! .. I look like an old sofa. It cannot be thrown out, because, as you know from War and Peace, my grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, myself was born on it. It’s not that he bothers someone, it’s just that he cannot be touched. Therefore, like that sofa, I stand in the middle of Channel One … ”- noted Yakubovich.

The TV presenter tries to carefully monitor his health. Therefore, he decided to be vaccinated, he is so afraid of getting sick with the coronavirus, which killed many of his comrades. “I lost four people very close to me. And the death of Boris Grachevsky, with whom we were friends for about 50 years, made such a strong impression that I immediately went and got vaccinated. Next to me is a family – my wife, son, daughter Varvara, who graduates from international journalism at MGIMO, first of all I worry about them, ”Yakubovich said.

In his spare time from work, Leonid Arkadyevich does not watch TV. He doesn’t like the fact that the overwhelming majority of broadcast news is negative.

Leonid Yakubovich: “The channel’s management will decide whether to leave Pole miracles or not”

“I try not to look. And if this rarely happens, I am horrified. I sleep badly, wake up at night, sometimes get up at six in the morning. I click the remote control. And what do I hear? The first news – a house burned down there and two people died, then a plane fell and seven crashed, the flood took the lives of 120 people … And what the hell do I need at 6 o’clock in the morning ?! People are going to work … And instead of me smiling and going to work in a wonderful mood, I have to get upset. And in a bad mood, as you know, a person cannot do anything good, ”Leonid Yakubovich shared with Express Gazette.

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