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León and Ambriz, with differences after breaking in contract renewal

A source told ESPN Digital that the breaking point in the negotiation was due to the technician’s demand for a considerable salary increase and the renewal of the squad

The president of León, Jesús Martínez Murguía, acknowledged that Ignacio Ambriz always gave him “long” to complete his renewal, regardless of the fact that the emeralds were willing to make a financial effort to keep him on the squad of the current champion.

Since the last league, I have approached him, we have not had an agreement, they have been long, he can answer it. We are focused on defending our title, it has cost us a lot, he can answer you, he in a better way. We remain united, because we are professional people, this hobby deserves respect, I can tell you that we closed on good terms, looking for the best for what is coming, we are going to defend this title to the death, the best will come for us “, he commented Jesús Martínez Murguía, president of the Lion.

Ambriz was for three years with the emeralds and the León board was looking for an agreement of “two or three more years”, because the technician’s contract expires in one month. The current champion coach did not want to continue with the Panzas Verdes.

“I spoke with his representative, we have had many talks, in the end it is normal, you cannot always agree, we presented him with an interesting project, in the end they were long, a decision was never made and we see what the future is for the team ”.

The Emeralds are currently in playoff positions and a combination of results could put them straight into the league. Ambriz will seek to win the two-time championship with him Lion and then he will say goodbye to the institution in which he was champion.

“Sure my cell phone will be rumbling, who does not want to come to this team,” he commented Jesus Martinez. “We do not have any technician contemplated, we are focused on supporting Nacho, his players, which has cost us many years of effort, going into details would not make sense, we made an important effort, Nacho gave us a lot, he had a lot to do with it. Contract ends in a month, he will do his best to defend his work. We are going to death to defend the title ”, he added.


A considerable salary increase and the renewal of the campus would have been the breaking point between Ignacio Ambriz and the León board of directorsIt could be learned from a source close to the former technical body of the emeralds.

It was pointed out to ESPN Digital that Ambriz wanted to renew his contract on the condition that some players who were no longer to his liking would leave, in addition to that he was asking for more money, which the board did not want to grant him either.

In the LionIn June, players such as goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota, Argentine striker Emanuel Gigiotti and Ecuadorian Ángel Mena will end their contracts, a goal guarantee for the emeralds since he joined the team and who, in addition, is the best scorer in this tournament. with six ‘targets.

This i knew Nacho ambriz, but his intention was to renew the squad as much as possible, which the board denied him, given that many of his players have contracts for several years, as Jesús Martínez Murguía decided to sign them for two or three years, as a way to motivate them, as well that it was more difficult to break these kinds of commitments in times of economic losses due to the pandemic, than to give the coach an outlet.

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