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Lenov Tab M8 8 “tablet with metal body for less than 100 euros

Complete 8-inch tablet with metal body

Coming from the hand of the manufacturer Lenovo, it goes without saying that it is a device that offers good performance and that has all the guarantees of the Asian manufacturer. On this occasion, the model on offer is the Lenovo Tab M8, an 8-inch tablet ideal for the whole family and that offers great autonomy.

At first glance, it must be said that this Lenovo tablet offers a great finish with high-quality materials. Its slim body with rounded edges of just 8,15 mm It is covered by a metal casing on the back, while on the other side we find an 8-inch screen that occupies 83% of the surface of the tablet itself. That does not mean that it is advisable to protect it with one of the 8-inch tablet cases that we find at a good price on sites like Amazon.

Tablet of 8" Lenovo Tab M8 frontal

Inside, this tablet is equipped with a Quad Core processor, a MediaTek A22, Accompanied by 2 GB RAM memory and 32 GB of space for internal storage. A model that has WiFi connectivity and operating system Android 9. The built-in battery has a large capacity and is capable of giving this tablet an autonomy of up to 18 hours of web browsing.

As far as the multimedia section is concerned, its 8-inch HD screen is joined by a 13-megapixel camera to take photos and videos and a Dolby Audio sound. In addition, this Lenovo Tab M8 tablet is a model that has the feature Kids Mode, which protects our children from inappropriate content and applications on the Internet. Not forgetting that the screen has a blue light reduction system to protect our eyesight.

Lenovo Tab M8 now on sale

The official or recommended price for this Lenovo Tab M8 tablet is 129.99 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment on Amazon, it is possible to get it at the price of 99 euros. And it is that the online shopping giant has applied almost a 25% discount, which represents a saving of more than 30 euros.

Tablet of 8" Lenovo Tab M8 trasera

A product that is sold and shipped by Amazon, which offers a delivery time of so just one day, with free shipping for Amazon Prime customers and that allows the option to finance the purchase and make the payment in four installments without any interest rate. That is, we can pay for this Lenovo Tab M8 tablet in four installments of 24.75 euros.

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