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Lenín Moreno suffers a loss in his health

The legal secretary of the Presidency, Johanna Pesántez, confirmed that President Lenín Moreno suffered a breakdown in his health. Faced with this situation, the president could not participate in public activities.

Moreno had planned the delivery of credentials and the vaccination process against covid-19.

In his absence, Weight took charge of the credential delivery event of the new ambassadors from Uruguay, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Austria, Romania and Greece.

What is your state of health?

The official emphasized that the health problem has already been overcome. However, Moreno will have to comply with medical rest during this Wednesday, April 28.

The president participated in a public activity for the last time on Monday, April 26. On that occasion he announced that 500 thousand vaccinated Sinovac They will arrive the first week of May.

Competent entities, such as the General Secretariat of Communication of the Presidency have not issued any pronouncement on the state of health or what caused the bankruptcy in Lenin Moreno.

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