After several years being affected by aggressive pancreatic cancer, the legendary Dominican wrestler, Jack Veneno, lost his life at age 79

Sounds happy, cheerful, from Dominicana de Espectáculos”Is a phrase known by a vast majority of Dominicans, since this marked the beginning of the weekly wrestling program held in the country and was the indication that he would soon enter the ring, the largest Super Hero from the Dominican Republic, the legendary Jack Poison.

After a long battle with aggressive pancreatic cancer, which has metastasized to her lungs, Jack Poison He lost his life, as confirmed by his son through the fighter’s social networks.

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Born February 2, 1942, Rafael Antonio Sanchez, real name of Jack Poison, decided to change the course of the history of Dominican entertainment. He became the wrestler with the longest career, national and international, crowning himself as champion of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) on September 7, 1982, in a fight against Ric Flair, one of the greatest fighters of all time, yet his championship is not recognized by the BLACK due to the strange circumstances surrounding the fight at the time.

The champion of the ball of the world” O “Doña Tatica’s son”, Other nicknames by which the wrestler was known, marked a golden age in the sports entertainment of the Dominican Republic, starting with the television show International Wrestling, which remained on the air for almost three decades in the country and was a curfew every weekend, where a large number of Dominicans gathered in the park Eugenio Maria de Hostos or through radio and television to be able to see Jack Poison fight against his archrival, Hernandez lightning, as well as many other characters.

It is noted that the love of wrestling came into the life of Jack Poison thanks to the movies of Mexican wrestlers The Saint and Blue Demon.

The historical importance of Jack Veneno for his country can be verified according to a story told by Ric Flair in his autobiographical book “To Be The Man ”(“ To be the man ”), when it came to Dominican Republic for your combat against Poison In 1982, while he was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Santo Domingo, one of his companions asked him to look through the window of the room and the image is one that remains in the memory of the American fighter to this day.

“When I opened the window, I saw some thirty thousand euphoric people in the streets. A guy who looked like a dwarf was jogging on a bridge with a crowd of people screaming and running after him, it looked like a scene from “Rocky”(Sylvester Stallone film). Apparently my opponent, Jack Veneno, was training for the biggest fight of his career; the chance to bring glory to the Dominican Republic by winning the most prestigious championship in the world of wrestling. My God, it was amazing, ”he wrote. Ric Flair.

Jack Poison made generations dream and love wrestling. He became an icon in Dominican history and carried the flag high to multiple countries and united families across the length and breadth of the Dominican Republic.

Thank you, therefore, champion. Rest in peace.