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Legal abortion. Viviana Canosa’s fury against Alberto Fernández after the approval of the law

The journalist and host Viviana Canosa targeted President Alberto Fernández after the approval of the legal abortion law

While the president Alberto Fernandez “celebrated” the approval of the ley of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the journalist Viviana Canosa attacked the president. “The Argentine people say ‘yes to both lives’. Argentina is life, we already win by defending it. We will go to court. Congratulations President, more deaths, you achieved what you wanted,” said the presenter on her Twitter profile. The message also had peso signs.

Canosa had repeatedly demonstrated against the approval of the law and, in fact, was present in part of the demonstration on the side of the “celestial.” At dawn, and when the Senate approved by majority the legal abortion, the journalist unleashed her fury on various messages.

“Since you are there … can you ask that rapists who were quarantined again be put in jail? Besis” and “Argentina: DEATH”, were other of the tweets with which Canosa made his position clear.

President Fernández also used that social network to commemorate the approval of the project. “Safe, legal and free abortion is law. I made a commitment to do so during the electoral campaign days. Today we are a better society that expands rights to women and guarantees public health. Recover the value of the word committed. Commitment of politics, “he wrote.

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