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Legal abortion | Viviana Canosa posted on Twitter against the law and dedicated an ironic message to Alberto Fernández

Legal abortion |  Viviana Canosa was dispatched on Twitter after the sanction of the law:

Legal abortion | Viviana Canosa was dispatched on Twitter after the sanction of the law: “Argentina: DEATH.” (Photo: NA)

With 38 in favor, 29 against, four absent and one abstention, the Senate signed the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE) into law on Wednesday. He had already obtained half a sanction from Deputies on December 11. The changes that the ruling party agreed to make in the regulations were the key that unblocked the debate and convinced some senators to vote in favor.

Of course, the leaders of the celestial sector, who opposed the enactment of this law, were disappointed with the news. Viviana Canosa, a television host and journalist who this year was accused of “illegal practice of medicine”, took to Twitter to send a stream of angry messages, criticizing Alberto Fernandez, speaking of “Argentina: DEATH” and citing a tweet by Alberto Fernández from 2018 that “green” users would have sent him.

“The greens send me this! No chiques, it doesn’t hurt! They’re happy? How many abortions per person? Is it unlimited ??? Strong hug, “wrote the host next to Alberto’s message that says” does it hurt? I love it”.

The flurry of messages on the social network did not stop. Canosa also took advantage of the platform to download himself and ask that “the rapists who were quarantined were put in jail again” and also to protest against “human rights”: “from the white handkerchief to the green handkerchief,” he wrote.

The journalist also quoted a message from the user Marcelo Bivona, who shared an image of the Constitution of the Argentine Nation stating that they will defend the life “of all unborn children in justice with the only weapon we have.” This is just beginning, Canosa said.

In another tweet, the journalist shared a video and reaffirmed her position and that of the self-styled pro-life groups. “THE ARGENTINE PEOPLE SAY ‘YES TO THE TWO LIVES’. Argentina is life, we already won by defending it. We will go to COURT. Congratulations President, more deaths, he achieved what he wanted! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, ”he tweeted.

He also shared another message of his own, in which he reported that the senator Silvia Elías de Péres denounced “intolerable pressures” from Alberto Fernández. “So much effort had its prize,” he said.

Attack public health

In addition to being news for her stance against the IVE, Vivana Canosa starred in a scandal linked to the coronavirus in 2020. The driver was reported by having publicly promoted alleged benefits of chlorine dioxide, a substance that would have caused the death of a 5-year-old boy in Neuquén, since the parents supplied him with the product with the belief that it would protect him against COVID-19. The conductor of Nothing personal (The nine), meanwhile, She announced that she decided to initiate legal actions against those who “insulted and wronged her.”

The presentation against Canosa was made by the deputy of the Frente de Todos Mariano Mansilla and was filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City. It is for the alleged commission of the crime provided for in article 208 of the Penal Code, that penalizes those who promote a fake drug. Mansilla reported that the driver “attacked public health.”

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