Legal abortion | The unit photo that Alberto Fernández showed after the approval of the project

After the House of Senators signed the bill Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE), President Alberto Fernandez received in the fifth of Olivos deputies from the Frente de Todos who voted for and against the project, in a toast that sought to ease tensions and show unity. Many legislators participated in the call dressed in green.

The initiative was organized by the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, but the head of the ruling bloc also obtained a leading place, Maximum Kirchner, promoted by Fernández to preside over the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party. Of the total of government legislators, 62 attended the meeting and the rest participated via zoom.

The meeting was a celebration for the legislators of the FDT after an intense year of work that ended with a positive legislative balance for the Government. After the meeting, Massa stressed that “in diversity the necessary consensus can be formed to put the country on its feet”. “We finished the year in the same way we started it: in unity,” wrote the president of the Lower House on his Twitter account.

It is that in addition to the approval of the legal abortion project -which had already had half a sanction from Deputies and that this Wednesday obtained 38 votes in favor, 29 against and one abstention in the Senate-, on Tuesday night the Lower House converted in law the project that creates a new mobility formula for calculating retirement assets, pensions and allowances. After obtaining the half sanction of the Senate on December 10, the initiative was approved with 132 votes in favor and 119 against.

At the end of the meeting in Olivos, one of the deputies who spoke with the journalists was Rodolfo Tailhade, who indicated that during the meeting “a sort of survey of all the achievements and achievements of the Government during this year was carried out.” He also said that the President “encouraged to continue working” already “don’t lower your arms“And on judicial reform, he asked them to” address this issue and work on it. “

“The President once again insisted that it will be a year in which it will try to send to Congress laws related to the operation of Justice“, Detailed the deputy, after noting that Fernández expressed the”need to reformulate“The Judicial Power, which it considered to be” an aspect of democracy that remains to be settled. “

In the Legislative Assembly of March 1, the President raised the need for a “reorganization of the Federal Justice“That” avoids drafting or activating files based on political times, that prevents the construction of false causes, that ends arbitrariness in the matter of arrests and that forever prevents judicial discretion from replacing the rules of law ”. The project was sent to Congress on July 29.

The toast in Olvios was also attended by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo de Pedro; the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello, and the secretary of Parliamentary Relations, Fernando “Chino” Navarro.

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