Legal abortion | The shocking testimony of a doctor: “I had to tell one woman ‘you yes’ and another ‘you no'”

Abortion is law in Argentina (Photo: capture of eltrece).

In addition to signifying an extension of rights for pregnant women, the Law of Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE) approved this Wednesday by the Senate will have a strong impact on medical teams. In dialogue with Telenoche (eltrece), the doctor of sexual health at Santojanni Hospital, Viviana Mazur, He told in the first person how the abortion requests were administered until the sanction of the regulations promoted by the Government. He also spoke of the changes that will occur once it takes effect.

According to Mazur, who has been practicing medicine for 30 years, his link with abortion on a professional level existed “almost forever.”

“Inevitably, when one is in health and primary care centers, women tell us their stories and their situations. Even for many years they told us when they were pregnant that they did not want or could not continue and they resorted to some method to interrupt it, ”he said.

Despite the fact that at the time the interruption of pregnancy did not have a regulation like the one approved in the last hours, the doctor recalled that the practice is contemplated in the Penal Code for almost 100 years.

“It is a great ignorance to state that abortion was illegal in our country, because It has been legal since 1921, only for reasons. A person had to demonstrate that the pregnancy put their health and life at risk, and a health team had to audit that situation and give access ”, he explained.

And I add: “Until now, I had to say to a woman: ‘You do, you do not’. And when he did, what he said was: ‘You are going to be able to do it in a safe way or you are going to resort to an insecure system. That is what we administered ”.

Later, Mazur described how he felt at dawn on Wednesday, when Congress passed the IVE Law with 38 in favor, 29 against and one abstention.

“The truth is that when it was approved we could not stop crying, and now that I say it my throat is making a lump. There is a shared emotion and I have received messages from colleagues and women that I attended, who wrote me incredible things ”, he expressed.

In relation to the changes that the law will bring, he said: “The legalization of abortion allows us to get out of a situation so that we don’t have to ask for permission or forgiveness. It puts both women and health teams in a situation of greater dignity and autonomy “.

Key points of the law.  (Photo:
Key points of the law. (Photo:

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