Legal abortion: the debate in the Senate minute by minute …

16.35 – Mario Fiad: “This project leaves women alone”

“If abortion becomes law it will no longer be clandestine, but the real problems will continue to be. This project leaves women alone,” said the senator for the UCR and president of the Health Commission, Mario Fiad.

In a very harsh speech against the initiative, the opposition senator indicated that “to approve this project is to recognize the resounding failure of the State.”

And he added: “As we could not guarantee safety to women, as we were unable to prevent girls from being abused, we offer them abortion.”

16.16 – Norma Durango, La Pampa (In Front of Everyone)

Norma Durango, from the FdT for La Pampa, began the session by thanking that this Tuesday the official initiative, the Thousand Days project, is being debated and that it was also the first day of vaccination in the country. “The three (initiatives) are to care for and protect the health and life of Argentines. That is what we call social justice ”, celebrated who was head of the Plenary that debated the project.

The legislator, who is in Congress but did not come down to the premises because she was a person at risk, made a summary of the project and recalled: “I have 2 children, I looked for them, I wanted them. But I have to have respect for those people who have a different project (…) I am not in favor of abortion, I never had one. But who is in favor of abortion? Nobody. But that does not mean that abortion disappears. An unwanted motherhood is not a good motherhood ”.

And he added, remembering Pino Solanas: “Enjoyment is a right. Let’s talk about the woman who not only claims her right to decide but also to enjoy our bodies, our life.”

16.13 – The Senate extended the license of José Alperovich

Unanimously, the extension of the license of Senator José Alperovich, accused of sexual abuse, was voted in the affirmative.

16.08 – Cristina Kirchner initiates the session

“With the presence of 67 senators and senators, the special session begins to date,” said the head of the upper house.

15.45 – María Eugenia Catalfamo: “The expectations of those of us in favor”

With a green scarf in hand, the senator of the Frente de Todos por San Luis, María Eugenia Catalfamo, expressed that “the expectations and hopes of those who are in favor are”.

In dialogue with Senado TV, he pointed out that abortion “is a public health issue” and that the State “must be present.”

15.30 – Feminists from around the world join the demand for legal abortion in Argentina

Feminist collectives from countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Guatemala, Chile, among others, added their support to the debate on the legal abortion project in the Argentine Senate with the organization of handkerchiefs in cities around the world.

14.30 – Mobilizations in the vicinity of the Congress

An hour and a half before the start of the session, in a day with more than 30 degrees of heat, the different sectors for and against the bill that establishes the voluntary interruption of pregnancy began to concentrate in the vicinity of the Congress. In a radius that goes from Corrientes Avenue to Belgrano Avenue, and from Cerrito and Lima to Sarandí and Ayacucho, the Government of the city of Buenos Aires ordered the cutting of streets.

As happened on December 10, when the project obtained the half-sanction in Deputies, the square in front of the Congress was today divided into two clear sectors through a fence, on one side with those who support the legalization of abortion and, on the other , with those who oppose.

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