Legal abortion: Silvina García Larraburu, the first “light blue” vote that turned into “green”, on the verge of tears

Silvina García Larraburu (Río Negro) confirmed in the upper house that she will vote in favor of the bill for the voluntary interruption of pregnancy and thus became the first legislator to make a 180 degree turn in relation to the position who adopted in 2018 Credit: Video capture

The senator Silvina Garcia Larraburu (Río Negro) confirmed in the upper house that will vote in favor of draft of law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy and thus became the first legislator to give a 180 degree turn from the position you took in 2018.

“My vote is for a free woman, who can decide for her own conscience; my vote is a deconstructed vote, it is an affirmative vote”, García Larraburu closed his intervention, during which at one point he on the verge of crying.

The legislator was the only member of the Kirchnerist bench, at that time split from the PJ, which a little more than two years ago voted against the bill that, as now, had reached the Senate with the approval of the Chamber of Deputies.

Silvina García Larraburu, the first “light blue” vote that became “green”


Just over ten minutes were enough for the Rio Negro senator to justify her change of position, which also justified her new position in that abortion now came accompanied by the Thousand Days project, in support of pregnant women and newborns, and in the change of government registered between that debate in 2018 and this one now.

“The proposal that our Government is developing today is comprehensive, overcoming, which dialogues head-on with the Thousand Days Plan, designed so that no one has to interrupt their pregnancy due to economic vulnerability,” he said.

Furthermore, García Larraburu added that “today there is a strengthened Ministry of Health, a new Ministry of Women, a specific public health policy, with gender perspectives and a campaign promise from our President that we are fulfilling.”

“In this context, cI understood that beyond my beliefs we are facing an issue that requires a public health approach “, completed the senator for Río Negro.

That of the campaign promise was, precisely, one of the axes on which the convincing work to which García Larraburu was subjected by her “green” colleagues from the Frente de Todos bloc was based. In fact, the rionegrina obtained her re-election last year, on the same ballot with Alberto Fernandez.

In the same situation are several pro-government senators who, for now, have spoken out against or have doubts about whether to support abortion as Antonio Rodas (Chaco), Sergio Leavy (Salta) and Edgardo Kueider (Between rivers).

In tears

García Larraburu was on the verge of tears in a section of his speech. It was while recounting the “real story of Marina”, the future of a pregnant woman who, she said, feels “guilt” and expects a “divine punishment”, which is perceived “alone” and “unprotected”.

“Like Marina, many of the women who are here on the premises are part of a hinge generation: we grew up with parameters of what we should be, what was correct, what was expected of us, what was legitimate, “he continued.

Silvina Garcia Larraburu
Silvina Garcia Larraburu Credit: Video capture

After making an account of the change of time and the feminist “deconstruction”, her “strong” Peronist membership and her personal and religious beliefs, Larraburu completed the “history of Marina”. It was the moment when he got emotional.

“The end of Marina’s story is different from what we imagine: she had her savings and was able to invest them in a clandestine operation, which miraculously turned out well. Marina cried, got depressed, got up and went on, started a family. Marina She did not forget and sadness visits her from time to time, because every decision has a cost. Marina continues with her faith intact and does not dare to judge another woman. Because he knows that only those who were in his shoes can understand what it feels like and only women, “said the senator.

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