Legal abortion I The emotional speech of Gladys González with strong criticism of the Church and the State

A few minutes before midnight, Senator Gladys González, who represents the PRO for the province of Buenos Aires, gave an emotional speech in which he did not save criticism of the Church and the state for having obstructed the approval of legal abortion. The peculiarity of her position is that, before starting, she made it very clear that she is a very religious woman.

In this sense, the legislator stated: “I want to ask my church if it is not time to do a self-criticism. Why punish with the rod of our religion and impose the things that we could not change with our own faith? We have failed, despite our faith, our prayer and our doctrine, because we have arrived late understand the importance of education and the use of contraceptives ”.

The opposition senator added that “we are here to enact laws that guarantee access to human rights, where the State has a health system that protects vulnerable women. Where life not be a privilege of those who can pay and death condemns you for being poor. Because that’s what it’s about, it’s about inequality and hypocrisy ”.

González also asked himself: “Do you want to criminalize when it is our fault for not being on time? We must take charge as a state that is late, as a Church that is late, let us assume the responsibility. Let us give an answer not from the punishment but from the compassion and love ”.

The representative of the PRO Buenos Aires also made a call to the inclusion pointing out that “instead of closed doors open doors so that not one more woman dies, so that she can have a chance to save both lives. My conviction is that from the State we have an opportunity, an opportunity if we embrace, if we listen, if we understand, if we accompany, if We guarantee rights, if we educate, if we train, if we rule honestly with real equity ”.

The member of the Upper House also mentioned her fe religious ensuring that “as a Catholic from our religion we have the freedom to continue praying, to continue believing, to reflect deeply on what we did wrong, to continue trying to comply with the precepts of our Church. Nobody prevents us, it is our right ”.

However, he immediately outlined another criticism: “Some may not like what others decide to do, but guaranteeing their freedom is also guaranteeing our freedom to practice whatever religion we want. As provided by this law also to be conscientious objector and choosing not to abort ”.

Regarding the clandestinity in the termination of pregnancy, the PRO senator said that “the State must take charge, prevent women from dying and try to save both lives because there is something I am sure of: clandestine abortion is a business, and that business is hardly interested in saving a life. “

Along the same lines, he added that “I am taking charge of something again: I am not going to look the other way, I want to take charge. The underground kills, it does not save any life, it is proven. How is it proven that this law it does not force anyone to abort ”.

Finally, González stated that “I am not willing to continue closing the doors of the health system to any woman. The God I believe in is synonymous with love and compassion, never guilt and punishment. The State that I want and of which I am a part and for which I am responsible must respond not with the Penal Code but with a equitable health system open doors with love and compassion. Because only then will we have a chance to save both lives ”.

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