Legal abortion: how is the security operation and …

He Ministry of National Security announced what the o will be likeperative altogether with the Police of the City of Buenos Aires in the area of Congress during the discussion of the draft legalization of abortion and the “green” and “blue” mobilizations that will unfold around the legislative palace.

The Argentine Federal Police, together with the reinforcement of the Argentine Naval Prefecture, under the unified monitoring command of the Ministry of National Security, will be in charge of the prevention and perimeter security of the legislative palace, as well as the entry and exit of legislators. While, the police of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, as usual, it will have jurisdiction over the rest of the public space of the mobilization”, Informed the portfolio that Sabina Frederic commands.

As on December 10 when the initiative was discussed in the Chamber of Deputies, the square will be divided in two by a security fence. Rivadavia and Callao avenues are once again reserved for the green side, where since early Tuesday there are already organizations concentrating.

The Campaign for Legal Abortion called for a vigil -which will be replicated in different parts of the country- from 2 p.m.. With a central stage located at the intersection of the two avenues and giant screens on which the senators’ exhibitions will be seen, the Campaign called on the green tide to await the vote with cultural activities and live music, a “federal handkerchief” at 7:00 p.m. and a press conference scheduled for 9:00 p.m..

For its part, the celestial protesters will be concentrated in the Avenida Entre Ríos and Hipólito Yrigoyen, where the main stage will be mounted. The central act of Unidad Provida, which claims to bring together 150 organizations opposed to the right to abortion, among others, will start at 6 pm on Tuesday. “For a #Christmas Without Abortion. This 12/29 from 6:00 pm let’s make history again,” said the organization through its social networks.

The Ministry of Security explained that between both sectors “there will be a separation of 100 meters, which will be done through a fence set up and controlled by the Police of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires along the Plaza del Congreso ”. As well Ambulances will be available to attend to any health emergency that may arise.

The Buenos Aires police, Besides, It will be in charge of two other corridors divided by fences on the sides of the Plaza del Congreso “So that the group represented with the green color uses Rivadavia Avenue as a circulation space and its continuity along Mayo Avenue; while the one represented by the light blue color does so in the extension of Hipólito Yrigoyen street ”.

“In this way, The police of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires must guarantee that there are no incidents between the two groups before, during and at the end of the concentration. The objective of the operation is that the security forces, within a framework of respect for individual rights and guarantees, prevent situations of violence and protect the exercise of freedom of expression and demonstration of those who attend the surroundings of the Congress, ”the statement from the Ministry.

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