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Legal abortion: five scientific and medical associations …

The senators received this Monday in their email box a dossier with the pronouncement of five scientific-medical associations on the abortion debate, which provide evidence and arguments based on research and experience, beyond personal and religious beliefs. . They correspond to the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Buenos Aires, the Argentine Medical Association of Contraception, the Society of Child and Adolescent Gynecology, the Argentine Federation of General Medicine and the Network of Health Professionals for the Right to Decide. All five support the enactment of a law on Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy. “We believe in the contribution of this document as a link between those who have the knowledge and experience and those who have to make the decision to accompany the legal, safe and free abortion project for its final sanction,” he told Page 12 Sandra Vázquez, child and adolescent gynecologist, and executive director of FUSA civil association, who was in charge of assembling and distributing the dossier.

At the beginning of the document “Science and health in favor of legal, safe and free abortion” the words of the renowned cardiologist René Favaloro are recalled, when referring to the subject in an interview with the newspaper La Gaceta, in 1997: “The rich defend illegal abortion to keep it a secret and not be embarrassed. I’m sick of poor girls dying for rich girls to secretly abort. Babes die in the villas and in the sanatoriums they make fortunes by removing the shame of those who have money from their wombs. With the divorce they said that it was the end of the family and it was only the end of the shame for the illegally separated. With legal abortion there will be no more and no fewer abortions, there will be fewer dead mothers. The rest is to educate, not to legislate ”.

After recovering Favaloro’s position, the document goes through each of the positions of the five entities, which bring together more than 7,000 health professionals from specialties related to the health care of women and adolescents. Some of their arguments are highlighted here.

What is the position of the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Buenos Aires (SOGIBA)?

“Doctors specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics need a law that respects the rights of women and whose correct regulation, through clear and precise rules, in particular with regard to the gestational age limit and the inclusion of conscientious objection, allow the professional practice of physicians. The protocol for the comprehensive care of people with the right to Legal Interruption of Pregnancy of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, currently in force, is correctly founded from a scientific point of view, ”said the entity.

What did the Argentine Medical Association of Contraception say?

“In such a sensitive, complex and controversial issue, it is inevitable that they will confront innumerable arguments that support the different positions. From the point of view of public health, the legalization of the interruption of pregnancy attempts to respond to a devastating situation that exists in our country. With approximately 500,000 abortions per year, with maternal deaths due to these practices, with the fact that 2 out of 10 of the women who die from maternal causes do so due to unsafe abortions, and considering that death from unsafe abortions is the first individual cause of maternal death since 1980 in Argentina, it is impossible for those responsible for public health not to seek an answer to this situation. The decriminalization and legalization of abortion try to create a framework of equal opportunities so that any person who makes the difficult decision to interrupt the pregnancy, regardless of the cause, their socio-economic situation and the geographical location in which they are, can have access to an abortion in safe conditions, without risk of life, free of charge and with adequate emotional support. The statistics reflect the vulnerability of the younger and generally poorer women around abortion ”.

What is the position of the Society for Child and Adolescent Gynecology?

“The issue is already established in society, and for the first time the executive branch sent a bill referring to access to free, safe and free abortion. The SAGIJ Board of Directors has carried out a survey among its partners who, for the most part, were enacted in favor of the decriminalization / legalization of abortion. The Society of Child and Adolescent Gynecology and its Board of Directors fully supports the legalization in our country and celebrates the installation of the debate in the National Congress for the following reasons, among others: We understand that the interruption of a pregnancy in our country should be approached as a question of women’s health, of public health and also as a right; The decriminalization / legalization of abortion does not predict a greater number of abortions, but rather guarantees their registration. And that’s because in countries where laws are more restrictive, most abortions are unsafe. The woman who decides to interrupt her pregnancy will do so under any circumstance, therefore, the number of abortions will not be increased. That is why we must work to prevent both totally avoidable deaths and the psychophysical consequences that abortions carried out in unsafe conditions can cause.

What position does the Argentine Federation of General Medicine have?

“Those of us who are part of the FAMG, for decades we have been fighting to guarantee in each place where we have to develop health actions, access to sexual and reproductive rights,” said the entity and later pointed out that “we are mostly them. generalists who guarantee the ILE ”. “We understand that the approval of the law would be an important extension of rights, which would considerably reduce the risk and suffering that women and people with the capacity to carry a child run every time they decide to interrupt a pregnancy, many times having to resort to the clandestine circuit. The approval of the law would take the weight off the health teams of being the ones to decide whether or not a woman has the right to an abortion in safe conditions, puts the decision in the hands of those who star in that pregnancy. It is a must to raise health conditions. It grants dignity and freedom ”.

What position did the Network of Health Professionals for the Right to Decide express?

“Today we are more than 2000 health professionals from more than 500 interdisciplinary teams throughout the country who provide direct, face-to-face care, guaranteeing access to the legal interruption of pregnancy. We are the most concrete link in public policy, we are there where laws and health programs become rights, or at the other extreme, they are violated. From Ushuaia to Tilcara we accompany the decision of pregnant people throughout the entire Argentine territory “, said the Network. And also, it pointed out: As a network of health professionals we consider that today, more than ever, the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy: IT’S URGENT! ”.

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