Legal abortion | Amalia Granata became a trend, why did users “fire” her on the networks?

Legal abortion |  Amalia Granata became a trend and users fired her on the networks.  (Photo: Twitter / Sebast98T and ttmoicast_)

Legal abortion | Amalia Granata became a trend and users fired her on the networks. (Photo: Twitter / Sebast98T and ttmoicast_)

With 38 votes in favor, 29 against, four absent and one abstention, the Senate signed the Voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVE). He had already obtained half a sanction from Deputies on December 11. The changes that the ruling party agreed to make in the regulation they ended up unlocking the debate and convinced some senators to vote in favor.

With these numbers, the result that had occurred in the vote in the Upper House in 2018 was reversed. At that time, the legal abortion campaign project garnered 38 votes against and 31 in favor.

In the networks, in addition to many hashtags and phrases that celebrated the approval of the law, Amalia Granata also became a trend, the deputy referring to the celestial who came to office mainly because she was an opponent of abortion.

Users took advantage of the “green wave” to remind him of a promise he had made: leave the country if the legal termination of pregnancy became law. “They greet Amalia Granata who is leaving,” published Seba912.

Several users made similar posts. “All this never happened gentlemen and I don’t want any paperwork on the matter” wrote Lolly Pop with a scene from Monsters Inc.

Yamil García shared the “history of Amalia Granata” when the green trend made the sanction of the law irreversible.

And never better named a musical list than “crying in a fetal position.”

As usual, the Simpsons also starred in many memes, including the famous “elegant Homer”, the news anchor Kent Brockman, Ned Flanders and even Milhouse: “No more clandestine abortion, go to hell Amalia Granata. IT’S THE LAW ”, user Brillos shared.

Granata’s messages on Twitter

The provincial deputy of Santa Fe used her account on the social network to talk about the sanction of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy. Between multiple messages he went out to attack what he called “mercenary senators”, for the legislators who were going to vote for the negative to the initiative but were finally absent or voted in favor.

He also promised to “continue fighting”, to once again have “a country where what matters is taking care of the vulnerable, not hiding or discarding them.”

Granata also stated that “abortion is a problem” but for her “legalizing it is not the solution”. “If the vast majority agree that there is life from conception, then how is it justified to eliminate that defenseless person?”, He explained, although he does not seem to take into account that for many an embryo is not a human life, as many think with a religious vision of “life”.

The deputy “celeste” also spoke of poverty, hunger and misery. AND He stressed that abortion “is celebrated mostly by an urban and well-off middle class.

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