Legal abortion: a small change agreed to guarantee the votes in favor of the approval

The former governor of Río Negro and national senator Alberto Weretilneck and the Peronist from Entre Ríos Edgardo Kueider had been asking for a small change to the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Their votes would guarantee the approval of a law that had a very tight result, according to forecasts. The announcement of an agreement that would add both senators, and perhaps some more, was made at the beginning of the debate in the Senate by Norma Durango from Pampas: With the agreement of the Executive Power, the partial veto of article 4, subsection B, which enables the possibility of carrying out an abortion after the 14th week, was promised in the event of rape or in the event that life or “integral health was at risk ”Of the pregnant person.

Durango said it clearly, the word “integral” generated concern and after consulting the Executive Power the Frente de Todos committed to a partial veto which would mean removing the word “integral” from the text that for both Weretilneck and Kueider could enable any request for pregnancy. In Congress, the opposition Fernando Iglesias had warned him without success.

The senators of the ruling party spoke with the President, who endorsed the conversation with the senator who acts as a circumstantial ally. “It is not a change in the law”, pointed out from Casa Rosada where they pointed out that the regulation or the partial veto resolve a doubt that for some senators was a crucial point.

In this way, said several pro-government senators who support the law, “the proposal will be clarified, maintaining the grounds for the ILE, that is, the legal interruption of pregnancy in force in the country. At the same time, at least two key votes are guaranteed, without the need for the text to return to Deputies as it would have happened in the event that the modification was made on the text to be voted on between tonight and early morning tomorrow. And made explicit by Durango, as an informing member, is a guarantee that Weretilneck asked to vote in favor.

“The alternative is legal abortion or clandestine abortion. We are debating the possibility of generating normative and institutional tools so that women and pregnant women can decide on a voluntary and desired motherhood, ”said the woman from the Pampas who presided over the debates in committee from the Women’s Bank. After describing the scope of the law, he added what he called an “observation.” “In the bill sent by the National Executive Power a small modification of the text of current art 86 is incorporated, which establishes in its paragraphs 1 and 2 the grounds for non-punishable abortion in order to adapt in its 1921 wording to the normative standards and jurisprudential. To this end, the word ‘integral’ was included after health ”, he explained. And he clarified that “given the concerns that this proposed update has generated in the wording of subsection 2 of article 86 as well as the corresponding wording of subsection b of art 4 of the project, we have promoted in consultation with the National Executive Power that at the time of the promulgation the bill is partially observed in case of being sanctioned in order to clarify the objective of the proposal, maintain the grounds of the ILE in force of 1921 so that they continue as they are until today, and for this to partially veto the word ‘comprehensive’ in paragraph 2 of article 86 and paragraph b of article 4 ”.

Then spoke against, as an informant member of the “celestial” sector, the radical Mario Fiad. And then Oscar Parrilli from Neuquén, the closest to Cristina Kirchner, who chairs the session.

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