Legal abortion: a senator from Together for Change …

The Senator of Together for Change Silvia Elías de Pérez advanced that, if the draft Voluntary termination of pregnancy, will make a judicial presentation to be declared unconstitutional. In turn, he accused the president Alberto Fernandez of having put pressure on legislators in order to gather the votes necessary for the initiative to be sanctioned.

During a press conference, prior to the start of the session, Elías de Pérez stated: “If this bill were to become law, we will raise unconstitutionality. Our country has bound itself to the highest standards with the protection of life from the moment of conception. “

Likewise, the senator denounced pressure launched by Alberto Fernández for senators to support the project that the Executive Power sent to Congress. “What the president is doing has exceeded all limits of what is tolerable. He is personally putting pressure on different senators of the Nation,” he told reporters half an hour before the debate began.

Elías de Pérez questioned the conviction of the legislators when voting and assured that the result is open. “Before entering the venue, I tell them that the numbers are at parity. This absolutely open end, with a lot of danger, is because it depends on whether the senators vote with their conviction, which has been reiterated by many of them, or if they yield to pressures that we have never seen in the person of the Senate in the history of this Senate. President of the Argentines, “he said.

And I add: “What we see is a stubbornness of the President against the most vulnerable, while in Congress they are seeing how they take part of the pension assets of our elderly, now they are also stubborn here to see how they care or leave the lives of the most vulnerable without protection, “he insisted.

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