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Leg amputated for child – cancer! This story breaks your heart

Cancer. Cancer over and over again. Kathleen Osborne (28) has been haunted by this all-destructive hell for more than half her life. She fights by all means. Especially for their three children.

She even gave a leg for her third without hesitation. Just to get the diagnosis before the birth that nothing will help …

Kathleen fell ill for the first time at the age of eleven. A malignant bone tumor was growing in her right leg. She had chemotherapy and most of her kneecap was removed and two nails placed like the “Daily Mail“Reported.

After that, the woman from Cambridgeshire in Great Britain was able to enjoy her life without cancer for eleven years. She fell in love and had two sons Hayden (9) and Leo (5).

But just three or four months after Leo was born, the disease caught up with her again: in 2016, a tumor spread in her lungs. Kathleen could hardly move because of the pain and just walked over to the front.

“I had a scan after the doctors found some fluid in my lungs. They saw a large mass that could not be biopsied because it was already touching healthy organs, ”says Kathleen.

Within a week, the brave woman was back in the hospital and had to undergo chemo again. It was successful. The cancer shrank and the doctors were able to remove the rest of the tumor, including the lower lobe of her lungs.

► But Kathleen’s cancer disease becomes even more tragic.

In March 2017, another painful lump developed – this time in her left leg. Cancer again, but the doctors discovered something else in her stomach: a baby! Kathleen was four months pregnant with a girl.

While this beautiful message reached her head and heart, Kathleen had to make a tough decision:

If she wanted to keep the child, she would have to sacrifice her left leg.

One night she wept many bitter tears. Then she told the doctors in no uncertain terms to amputate.

Kathleen’s mother’s heart made the decision in favor of her baby.

But even before little Aida-May was born, fate struck again and even more ruthlessly: the cancer in her lungs came back. This time in such a way that no one can help.

In order to prolong her life and not endanger the little one in her belly, Kathleen had to give birth to the girl eight weeks before the due date.

At least that went well, and Aida-May is a healthy baby who is very much loved by his two brothers. Now her greatest concern is only with her children. She wants to do everything possible to conjure up wonderful memories for them.

“We booked a little vacation and I started a crowdfunding site and try to raise as much money as possible so that I can leave as many memories as possible for the children,” says Kathleen.

“That’s all that still matters: making memories for my children. I don’t know how long I have left. It can be years. But it can also only be months. “

This woman’s strength is incredible and admirable. And should teach a little humility to anyone who whines too much.

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