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Left the window open – man has huge swarm of bees in the car

Had he bought a jar of honey too?

In Australia, a man was in the supermarket just ten minutes. When he returned to his car parked with the windows open, a huge swarm of bees had spread inside. About it reports

Accordingly, Rizwan Khan came from a shop in Lakemba (17,000-inhabitant city in the southwest of Sydney) and saw numerous people standing around his black jeep. They had smartphones in their hands, were filming and taking photos.

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Then the car owner saw why the crowd had pulled out their cell phones: Hundreds of bees were hanging on the inside of his driver’s door! Get in and drive home? Nothing.

But – so the story goes – rescue was approaching by a beekeeper who apparently happened to be passing by.

“The old man came up to me and said: Don’t you want to give me the bees?” Said Rizwan Khan. He replied: “Of course, you can take them all with you.”

A Twitter video shows how the unknown rescuer removes the insects with his bare hands and shovels them into a beehive-like box. The only protection he uses is his glasses and a mouth and nose mask.

It is not known why the swarm chose the interior of the vehicle. “Maybe they liked my jeep,” said the Australian, taking the bee invasion with humor. Rizwan Khan announced that he would no longer keep the windows of his car open in the future.

The Jeep owner said of the beekeeper, full of gratitude: “He was my lifesaver.”

Again and again there are attacks by bees. Only recently, a swarm attacked a colony of African penguins near Cape Town (South Africa). 64 animals died in the attack. Some of them were completely bitten.

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